Paddle in spanish


pronunciation: pɑletɑ part of speech: noun, verb
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paddle1 = paleta, remo. 

Example: The stuff was diluted there with water to the appearance and consistency of liquid porridge; it was kept tepid with a small charcoal furnace let into the side of the vat, and it was stirred up occasionally with a paddle.


» be up shit creek (without a paddle) = estar con el agua al cuello, estar en apuros, estar en un aprieto, estar en un brete.

Example: Richard was up shit creek without a paddle, even though lots of students rallied to his aid, some going back many years to when he first started teaching in 2001.

» be up the creek (without a paddle) = estar con el agua al cuello, estar en apuros, estar en un aprieto, estar en un brete.

Example: Without its complex network of dikes and sea defences Holland would be literally be up the creek without a paddle.

» doggy paddle = nadar como los perros.

Example: The doggy paddle was the 1st swimming stroke used by humans, learned by observing four legged animals swimming.

» dog paddle = nadar como los perros.

Example: After a few of those and a couple more dog paddles, he gave up and put his face down so he could swim properly.

» paddle boat = hidropedal, pédalo.

Example: Pedal boats come with or without motors and some people call them paddle boats.

» paddle-like = parecido a un remo.

Example: The manatee is a nearly hairless, thick-skinned marine mammal without hindlimbs and with paddle-like forelimbs.

» paddle-steamer = barco de vapor con paletas.

Example: Typical examples of enquiries of this kind that could be satisfied within minutes in any decently stocked library are 'Have you got anything on organising weddings?' 'Can you find me something on the history of paddle-steamers?'.

» paddle wheel = rueda de paletas.

Example: It is commonly believed that a screw propeller for ships is more efficient than a paddle wheel.

paddle2 = chapotear. 

Example: The author explains how finding needed data on the Web can be like paddling round in a bath of milk.


» doggy paddle = nadar como los perros.

Example: For very small children, it may be advisable to start doggy paddling in a life vest first.

» dog paddle = nadar como los perros.

Example: In this game the participants have to dog paddle across a distance of the pool and be the first to cross the finish line.

» paddle about = chapotear.

Example: In the ditch near by little children paddle about.

paddle3 = remar. 

Example: When you tire of the town, rent a kayak and paddle around the islands keeping your eyes skinned for whales that inhabit the Sound.

paddle4 = azotar. 

Example: Corporal punishment, the act of disciplining students by inflicting physical pain (usually paddling the child's backside), has recently come under fire due to the public's growing concern over child abuse = El castigo corporal, acto de disciplinar a los estudiantes infligiendo dolor físico (por lo general azotando el trasero de los niños), ha sido criticado debido a la creciente preocupación de la sociedad sobre el maltrato infantil.

Paddle synonyms

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