Pad in spanish


pronunciation: ɑlmoʊɑdijɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

pad1 = almohadilla. 

Example: Ink balls consisted of leather pads 15 cm. in diameter, mounted in wooden cups and handles and stuffed with wool or horsehair = Los tampones constaban de almohadillas de cuero de 15 cm de diámetro, montados en cuencos de madera y mangos y rellenas de lana o pelo de caballo.


» bachelorette pad = picadero, apartamento de soltera.

Example: She has been finally able to sell her former bachelorette pad to an unknown buyer for an interesting sum of money.

» bachelor pad = picadero, apartamento de soltero.

Example: When Mike moves in with Molly and her family, he has to adjust from life in his bachelor pad to a house full of women.

» be off the launching pad = despegar, levantar el vuelo, alzar el vuelo, empezar a funcionar, ponerse en marcha.

Example: Once your idea is off the launching pad, don't close your eyes and hope for a safe landing.

» brake pad = pastilla de frenos.

Example: Chapter 14 covers the following: checking brakes, disc brakes, drum brakes, hand/emergency brake, and ignition timing; and replacing brake pads and the timing chain.

» cactus pad = paleta del cactus.

Example: Although many people view the prickly pear cactus as an unwanted weed, you can eat the young cactus pads and fruits.

» chopper pad = helipuerto.

Example: There is a brief scene in the opening credits to M*A*S*H in which a group of five nurses are shown running towards the chopper pad.

» cotton pad = almohadilla de algodón.

Example: When shopping for cotton pads, you want to look at whether or not they're made of organic cotton that's unbleached.

» elbow pad = codera.

Example: Use of other types of protective equipment, such as wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, should be considered for prevention of injuries to the extremities during ice-skating.

» felt pad = almohadilla de fieltro.

Example: This causes spirit fluid to moisten the felt pad in the duplicator.

» get off + the launching pad = despegar, levantar el vuelo, alzar el vuelo, empezar a funcionar, ponerse en marcha.

Example: If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't -- belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.

» knee pad = rodillera.

Example: Use of other types of protective equipment, such as wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, should be considered for prevention of injuries to the extremities during ice-skating.

» launching pad = plataforma de lanzamiento, rampa de lanzamiento.

Example: A television camera was positioned 5000 ft from the base of a rocket launching pad.

» launching pad = trampolín, punto de partida, punto inicial.

Example: Also this film series was the launching pad for Disney's new distributor, Buena Vista International.

» launch pad = plataforma de lanzamiento, rampa de lanzamiento.

Example: The article is entitled 'Multimedia on the launch pad'.

» lift off + the launching pad = despegar, levantar el vuelo, alzar el vuelo.

Example: We got a short glimpse of a giant rocket lifting off the launching pad.

» maxi pad = compresa.

Example: He has even tried wearing maxi pads under his arms in an effort to control his sweating in vain.

» menstrual pad = compresa.

Example: Washable menstrual pads do not need to be disposed of after use and therefore offer a more economical alternative for women.

» menstruation pad = compresa.

Example: Yes, your eyes did not deceive you, the dress above is made entirely of hundreds of menstruation pads.

» mouse pad = alfombrilla para el ratón.

Example: This article surveys inexpensive gadgets that improve personal computer use such as alternative input devices, wrists rests, headsets, mouse pads, and uninterruptible power supplies.

» newsprint pad = bloc de papel de tamaño de periódico.

Example: A designated recorder lists all ideas on large newsprint pads.

» numeric pad = teclado numérico.

Example: The Escape key is located above the 7 on the numeric pad of the IBM AT.

» pad of paper = bloque de papel.

Example: The other woman nodded, smiling slightly, and began to make concentric circles on a pad of paper.

» period pad = compresa.

Example: When I first started my period, my mom made it seem like there was only one thing in the world to use during my period: pads.

» prescription pad = recetario, recetario médico.

Example: The format of the prescription pads doctors use to authorize medicines for their patients varies from state to state.

» sanitary pad = compresa.

Example: It is actually the only sanitary pad that has antibacterial qualities and has the highest hygiene standards.

» shin pad = espinillera.

Example: Shin pads are a 'must have' protection for every level of play.

» shoulder pad = hombrera.

Example: Some people say that the era of greed and materialism, shoulder pads and designer stubbles is now over.

» sleeping pad = esterilla, esterilla aislante.

Example: When this sleeping pad has not been used for a long time it will need some help to self-inflate and only takes a few blows through the air nozzles to get it to self-inflate fully the next time you use it.

» sucker pad = ventosa.

Example: One of the things I love about this photo is you can see the sucker pads on the fly's feet.

pad2 = yema. [De los dedos]

Example: The easiest and most common form of treatment is to apply pressure on sore points with the pad of the thumb.


» finger pad = yema del dedo.

Example: John Phillips, another gangster, had new fingerprints grafted onto his finger pads - but the police convicted him because they got a match with the prints further down his fingers.

pad3 = alojamiento, vivienda. 

Example: He's got his own pad, his own limo driver, and he's spending the money like there's no tomorrow!.

pad4 = acolchar, rellenar. 

Example: It features a contoured seat padded with foam which provides exceptional comfort in any setting.


» pad + a budget = inflar un presupuesto.

Example: By the way, what are your thoughts on 'padding' a budget?.

» pad out = rellenar, rellenar de paja.

Example: There were 900-920 pages of text, containing 150,000200,000 words, padded out with wide margins, and extravagant chapter divisions.

pad5 = andar suavemente, pisar suavemente, caminar suavemente, caminar sigilosamente. 

Example: Try to imagine yourself as a 2 1/2-year-old, out walking in the park with your mum, when across your path pads a little furry animal.


» pad toward = acercarse sigilosamente, aproximarse sigilosamente.

Example: The creature padded toward her, slobber glistening and dripping from its mouth, as if anticipating the taste of her flesh.

Pad synonyms

bolster in spanish: reforzar, pronunciation: boʊlstɜr part of speech: verb, noun embellish in spanish: embellecer, pronunciation: ɪmbelɪʃ part of speech: verb tablet in spanish: tableta, pronunciation: tæblət part of speech: noun slog in spanish: sudar tinta, pronunciation: slɑg part of speech: verb trudge in spanish: caminar penosamente, pronunciation: trʌdʒ part of speech: verb, noun plod in spanish: paso pesado, pronunciation: plɑd part of speech: verb aggrandize in spanish: engrandecer, pronunciation: əgrændaɪz part of speech: verb lard in spanish: manteca de cerdo, pronunciation: lɑrd part of speech: noun digs in spanish: alojamiento, pronunciation: dɪgz part of speech: noun dramatize in spanish: dramatizar, pronunciation: drɑmətaɪz part of speech: verb embroider in spanish: bordar, pronunciation: ɪmbrɔɪdɜr part of speech: verb blow up in spanish: explotar, pronunciation: bloʊʌp part of speech: verb fill out in spanish: llenar, pronunciation: fɪlaʊt part of speech: verb lodgings in spanish: alojamiento, pronunciation: lɑdʒɪŋz part of speech: noun launchpad in spanish: plataforma de lanzamiento, pronunciation: lɔntʃpæd part of speech: noun footslog in spanish: footslog, pronunciation: fʊtslɑg part of speech: verb dramatise in spanish: dramatizar, pronunciation: dræmətaɪz part of speech: verb domiciliation in spanish: domiciliación, pronunciation: dɑməsɪlieɪʃən part of speech: noun launch pad in spanish: plataforma de lanzamiento, pronunciation: lɔntʃpæd part of speech: noun inkpad in spanish: almohadilla de tinta, pronunciation: ɪŋkpæd part of speech: noun diggings in spanish: excavaciones, pronunciation: dɪgɪŋz part of speech: noun launching pad in spanish: Plataforma de lanzamiento, pronunciation: lɔntʃɪŋpæd part of speech: noun stamp pad in spanish: cojín de estampilla, pronunciation: stæmppæd part of speech: noun inking pad in spanish: almohadilla de tinta, pronunciation: ɪŋkɪŋpæd part of speech: noun launch area in spanish: área de lanzamiento, pronunciation: lɔntʃeriə part of speech: noun pad of paper in spanish: libreta de papel, pronunciation: pædʌvpeɪpɜr part of speech: noun
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