Paging in spanish


pronunciation: pɑxinɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
In gestures

page (through)3 = pasar hojas, avanzar. 

Example: The system displays the records in brief format and the user can 'page' through the matches until the required record is found.


» page + backward = pasar hojas hacia atrás, ir hacia atrás.

Example: The borrower can page forward and backward, enter a new search term, switch to another file, do a truncated search, or end.

» page + forward = pasar hojas hacia delante, ir hacia delante.

Example: If there are too many borrower and/or material types to be displayed on one screen, the system automatically pages forward each time the ENTER key is pressed.

paging = paginación. 

Example: AACR prescribes slightly differing treatment for analyticals according to whether they refer to parts with separate title pages and separate paging, parts with separate title pages and continuous paging, or parts without special title pages.


» paging system = sistema de búsqueda.

Example: Some libraries have even installed a paging (loudspeaker) system.
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