Painfully in spanish


pronunciation: penoʊsɑmente part of speech: adverb
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painfully = dolorosamente, con mucho esfuerzo, fatigosamente, con mucho trabajo. 

Example: It is not easy to maintain and advance the remarkable literary and cultural traditions so slowly and painfully created over two and a half millenia.


» be painfully aware of = conocer + desafortunadamente, ser consciente + desafortunadamente.

Example: School library media specialists are painfully aware of the negative reactions of librarians in other types of libraries to their circulation and catalogue systems.

» painfully + Adjetivo = doloroso y + Adjetivo.

Example: In a painfully detailed letter to the editor, Lespran allowed vent for her fury.

» painfully + Adjetivo = desafortunadamente + Adjetivo, dolorosamente + Adjetivo.

Example: The terrible difficulties raised when a particular group is offended is painfully evident in the controversy created within the American Library Association.

Painfully synonyms

sorely in spanish: muy, pronunciation: sɔrli part of speech: adverb distressingly in spanish: angustiosamente, pronunciation: dɪstresɪŋli part of speech: adverb

Painfully antonyms

painlessly pronunciation: peɪnləsli part of speech: adverb
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