Pail in spanish


pronunciation: kuboʊ part of speech: noun
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pail = cubo, balde. 

Example: In Little Gidding T.S. Eliot gives us some lines that express what I mean not just by saying it but by demonstrating it too: Last season's fruit is eaten And the full-fed beast shall kick the empty pail.


» milkmaid and her pail, the = cuento de la lechera, el.

Example: This adaptation of Aesop's fable about the milkmaid and her pail becomes more and more elaborate as the milkmaid's plans get more and more grandiose = Esta adaptación del cuento de la lechera de Esopo, se enreda cada vez más conforme los planes de la lechera se vuelven cada vez más ambiciosos.

» plastic pail = cubo de plástico.

Example: Tomatoes, cucumbers, and similar plants can be grown in pots about the size of 5-gallon plastic pails.

Pail synonyms

bucket in spanish: cangilón, pronunciation: bʌkət part of speech: noun pailful in spanish: cubo, pronunciation: peɪlfəl part of speech: noun
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