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pronunciation: pintɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun, verb
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paint1 = pintura. 

Example: We will not accomplish that by being timid or by giving our profession a fresh coat of paint.


» a daub of paint = un pegote de pintura.

Example: He makes no comment whatever on the thick daubs of paint that Rembrandt so characteristically smeared on the canvas.

» be like watching paint dry = ser aburridísimo, ser un plomo, ser capaz de aburrir a un muerto.

Example: I'm a Liverpool fan myself and I was on the terraces a few times last season watching them play and that was like watching paint dry.

» coat of paint = capa de pintura, mano de pintura.

Example: Whereas a couple of generations ago an antique chair might have been smartened by the addition of yet another coat of paint, now those same layers of paint are being removed.

» emulsion paint = pintura de emulsión.

Example: Emulsion paints have fillers to thicken the film, support the paint structure and increase its volume.

» flaky paint = pintura suelta, pintura descascarillada.

Example: Once all of the flaky paint has been removed, an electric sander should be used.

» latex paint = pintura látex.

Example: However, both oil-based and latex paints may be acceptable for recycling if handled according to the requirements of the recycling center.

» lead paint = pintura con plomo.

Example: Although the cost of lead paint abatement is measured in billions of dollars, the monetized benefits of such a Herculean task have been shown to far outweigh the costs.

» lick of paint = mano de pintura, cambio de aspecto, cambio de look.

Example: It's amazing what a lick of paint and a scrubbing brush can do to brighten your brickwork!.

» metallic paint = pintura metálica.

Example: More and more new car buyers are refusing to walk out of a dealership without metallic paint despite the cost of metallic and standard paints being no different.

» oil-based paint = pintura al óleo.

Example: However, both oil-based and latex paints may be acceptable for recycling if handled according to the requirements of the recycling center.

» oil paint = óleo.

Example: Oils extracted from these dried seeds are used for the preparation of resin, oil paints, polish, wood varnish and skin cream.

» paint brush = brocha, pincel.

Example: Pictorial sources are created by the portrayal of historical events or subjects using, inter alia, a paint brush, drawing-pen, or pencil, graphic techniques or the camera.

» paint by + numbers = colorear por números.

Example: The article is entitled 'Painting Europe by numbers: local market statistics on the map of Europe'.

» paint job = mano de pintura.

Example: Frequently, the creators and caretakers of a data base have an irresistible impulse to give it a fixup, a paint job, or a new colour scheme.

» paint remover = decapante, quintapintura.

Example: The amount of paint remover you will need depends on what you are stripping and how many coats of old surface must be removed.

» paint roller = rodillo, rodillo para pintar.

Example: It was the portrait of a woman standing against a wall with a paint roller.

» paint stripper = decapante, quintapintura.

Example: Paint stripper formulations in paste form are less hazardous than the liquid forms because they only contain around 50% solvents rather than 100% as found in the liquid forms.

» paint thinner = disolvente, diluyente.

Example: When we look this up in the thesaurus, we find: Thinners; RT Dispersants Plasticisers; NT paint thinners Turpentine.

» plastic paint = pintura plástica.

Example: Furthermore, unlike plastic paints, they allow walls to `breathe' and so minimise the risk of damp or condensation.

» poster paint = pintura al temple, temple, témpera.

Example: Create a vibrant painting using various colors of poster paint, which is another name for tempera paint.

» remove + the paint = quitar la pintura.

Example: The next phase of the process will be to remove the paint that was applied to the building many years ago.

» rust-proofing paint = pintura antioxidante.

Example: Luckily the frame isn't rotted, it can be saved by some sanding and coating with a rust-proofing paint.

» rust-proof paint = pintura antioxidante.

Example: To prevent the rust from spreading, sand down the area to the metal below the rust, brush on some primer and finish off with a coat of rust-proof paint.

» spray paint = pintura en espray.

Example: It can be likened to the production of a modern painting using spray paints and masks.

» strip + the paint = decapar la pintura.

Example: Without stripping the paint, the new paint may not cover or adhere as well, causing a lumpy or uneven look.

» tempera paint = temple, pintura al temple, témpera.

Example: While tempera paint dries quickly to the touch, it may take much longer to completely cure.

» war paint = pintura de guerra.

Example: Indians used war paint to rally themselves for battle and frighten enemies, in the way sports teams wear the same uniforms.

» water-based paint = pintura al agua.

Example: Water-based paint dries purely by evaporation, while oil-based paint has a chemical drying agent added.

» wet paint = recién pintado. [Expresión usada en los carteles para avisar que algo está recién pintado ]

Example: If you live in New York City, you have undoubtedly seen the 'Wet Paint' signs in the subway, and have also seen the sign rearranged to say 'Aint Wet'.

paint2 = pintar. 

Example: The puppets were simple creations: cardboard heads painted and stitched onto pieces of cloth which formed the glove.


» overpaint = pintar sobre Algo ya pintado. 

Example: Clobbering is a form of decoration where the original designs or patterns have been disregarded or deliberately altered or disguised by overpainting with enamels and/or gilding.

» paint + a broad-brush picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: In this presentation, I wish to paint a broad-brush picture of this important area by drawing examples from our own work as well as from published literature.

» paint + a broad picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: Although there isn't room here to go into much detail, it may be worthwhile to paint a broad picture of how the migration actually went.

» paint + a clear picture = describir claramente, describir con claridad, presentar una imagen clara, dibujar una imagen clara.

Example: It's kind of like solving a puzzle -- you have all these oddly shaped pieces which can paint a clear picture if put together in the proper order.

» paint + a picture = dar una imagen, describir, presentar una imagen.

Example: The data paint a picture of a fragmented discipline.

» paint + Nombre + as = describir como, pintar como.

Example: Many commentators want to blame the Liberal Democrats for this, painting them as lily-livered social democrats with no real appetite for revolutionary change.

» paint + Nombre + with a broad brush = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: But just as it's not fair to paint any race or socioeconomic class with a broad brush, labeling them this or that, it's not fair that all police officers are ridiculed because of the actions of a few.

» paint-on medication = medicación de aplicación tópica.

Example: Unfortunately, women can't use nail polish and the paint-on medication at the same time.

» paint + the town red = salir de juerga, irse de juerga, salir de marcha, irse de marcha, salir de parranda, irse de parranda, irse de picos pardos, salir de jarana, irse de jarana.

Example: Another sign of middle age is when, after painting the town red, you have to rest a week before applying the second coat.

» repaint [re-paint] = volver a pintar, pintar de nuevo. 

Example: The library is undergoing a five-day 'extreme makeover' and will be repainted, re-carpeted, reconfigured and equipped with the latest furnishings.

» spray-paint = pintar con espray.

Example: The Government has ordered the police nationwide to spray-paint all private homes of alleged or suspected drug dealers in Manila.

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rouge in spanish: colorete, pronunciation: ruʒ part of speech: noun blusher in spanish: colorete, pronunciation: blʌʃɜr part of speech: noun
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