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pronunciation: kuɑlitɑtiboʊ part of speech: adjective
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qualitative = cualitativo, de calidad. 

Example: Informative abstract present as much as possible of the quantitative or qualitative information contained in a document.


» qualitative analysis = análisis cualitativo.

Example: This will permit national and European qualitative and quantitative analysis based on standardized data and statistics.

» qualitative change = cambio cualitativo.

Example: Important quantitative and qualitative changes are affecting employment in the telecommunications industry worldwide.

» qualitative evaluation = evaluación cualitativa.

Example: This article discusses the differences between quantitive and qualitative evaluation and the instances in which one approach may be preferred over the other.

» qualitative indicator = indicador cualitativo.

Example: Moreover, in addition to quantitative measures, qualitative indicators of benefits should be considered so as to present a complete picture when articulating the case for a library's total positive impact.

» qualitative method = método cualitativo.

Example: Recruitment efforts of white extremist groups on the Internet were examined using qualitative methods.

» qualitative research = investigación cualitativa.

Example: The author looks at various approaches to research, in particular quantitative and qualitative research, andat the interpretation of findings.

» qualitative study = estudio cualitativo.

Example: This is a qualitative study of the impact that Internet distributed e-conferences have begun to have on the information seeking behaviour of library and information science professionals.

Qualitative antonyms

quantitative pronunciation: kwɑntɪteɪtɪv part of speech: adjective
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