Rabble in spanish


pronunciation: tʃusmɑ part of speech: noun
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rabble = gentío, muchedumbre, morralla, gentuza, chusma, turba. 

Example: On his return, his house was assaulted by a large concourse of rabble, who broke all the windows and attacked, pelted, beat and otherwise ill-treated him.


» rabble-rouse = instigar, provocar, alborotar, agitar.

Example: The head of the group representing Catholic school principals in Northern Ireland accuses the first minister of rabble rousing.

» rabble rouser = instigador, provocador, demagogo, alborotador, agitador.

Example: To their contemporaries, the two men represented polar opposites: Hitler, a rabble rouser preaching a doctrine of blood and race, and Pius, a man of contemplation offering the Church's grace to all.

» rabble-rousing = instigador, provocador, demagogo, alborotador, agitador.

Example: After arrival in Sydney, it took only three years for Norton's reputation as a rabble-rousing republican to be established.

Rabble synonyms

rout in spanish: , pronunciation: raʊt part of speech: noun mob in spanish: , pronunciation: mɑb part of speech: noun ragtag in spanish: , pronunciation: rægtæg part of speech: noun riffraff in spanish: , pronunciation: rɪfræf part of speech: noun ragtag and bobtail in spanish: , pronunciation: rægtægəndbɑbteɪl part of speech: noun
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