Sackful in spanish


pronunciation: sɑkoʊ part of speech: noun
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sackful = saco, costal. 

Example: They gathered a whole sackful, stripped off the husks, and filled the sack again.


» a sackful of = un saco de, un saco lleno de, un costal de.

Example: In the heat of a Turkish autumn he trudged back about 3 miles to my hotel with a sackful of oranges slung over his shoulder.

» a sackful of = un montón de, una pila de.

Example: This release introduces more new features and includes another sackful of bug fixes.

» a sackful of lies = una sarta de mentiras.

Example: In Iraq too the road to hell has been paved with good intentions -- and a sackful of lies.

» by the sackful = a montones, a puñados, por sacos.

Example: Kolya transported the harvested cucumbers to the village store where the locals bought them by the sackful.

Sackful synonyms

sack in spanish: , pronunciation: sæk part of speech: noun
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