Sacking in spanish


pronunciation: despidoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

sack2 = despedir, echar, poner de patitas en la calle. 

Example: The author warns that shortsighted companies that believe all the information they need is on the Web may sack information professionals.

sack3 = saquear. 

Example: The survivors fled in horror while the children and young women were seized as slaves and the village sacked.

sacking1 = tela de saco. 

Example: I have used the following as structures on which to mount displays: a Jacob's ladder built into an interesting shape, covered with sacking and decorated appropriately.

sacking2 = saqueo. 

Example: Lascaris became an exile in Italy following the sacking of Constantinople in 1453.

sacking3 = despido, destitución, cesantía. 

Example: Helen Clark is refusing to say how big a cabinet reshuffle will be in the wake of David Benson's sacking.

Sacking synonyms

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