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pronunciation: seguɹ̩oʊ part of speech: adjective
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safe1 = caja fuerte, caja de seguridad, caja de caudales. 

Example: For other reasons it is also necessary to have a fireproof safe elsewhere in the building to hold security copies of data and transaction files.


» safe box = caja de seguridad, caja fuerte.

Example: The most common everyday form of data protection is encryption providing an almost impenetrable safe box, with passwords providing the key.

» safe code = combinación de la caja fuerte.

Example: They tortured her into revealing her Pin number and safe code before tcutting her up and disposing of her in bin liners.

» safe combination = combinación de la caja fuerte.

Example: Safe combinations should also be changed at least annually.

» safecracker = ladrón de cajas fuertes.

Example: After establishing himself as one of the world's best safecrackers, he decides to retire from his life of crime and walk the straight and narrow.

safe [safer -comp., safest -sup.]2 = seguro. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: A modern comfortable library could look like that in Berlin's Tiergarten, with its opne-air gardens, or resemble Evanston's library with its comfortable chairs and elegant (and, one hopes, safe) fireplaces.


» as safe as houses = completamente seguro, totalmente seguro.

Example: Investment in British companies, currency and commodities used to be as safe as houses.

» at a safe distance = guardando las distancias, a una distancia prudente.

Example: The three boys often watched him at a safe distance, and regretted that his evil temper made it impossible to be friendly with him.

» be a safe bet = ser algo seguro, ser algo casi seguro.

Example: Realizing that the UK market was a very hard nut to crack he moved to Switzerland which was a safer bet but it also took him time.

» be in safe hands = estar en buenas manos, estar a salvo.

Example: If you ever need hope that world is in safe hands, then my advice is to be in touch with young people.

» be on the safe side = curarse en salud, ser sensato.

Example: The title of the article is 'Being of the safe side= El título del artículo es "Curarse en salud".

» better (to be) safe than sorry = más vale prevenir que curar.

Example: Common sense tells us that it is better to be safe than sorry.

» dishwasher safe = apto para el lavavajillas.

Example: This porcelain serving dish is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant for daily use.

» fail-safe = infalible, a prueba de fallos.

Example: The technical safeguards available are not fail-safe.

» feel + safe = sentirse seguro.

Example: As a single woman, you need to ensure that you feel safe when you are at home.

» feel + safe and secure = sentirse seguro.

Example: The child psychologist will also be able to advise you with regards to slowly weaning her off the bottle and dummy once she feels safe and secure again.

» from a safe distance = desde una distancia prudente.

Example: Enjoy these snowy owls from the Arctic while they are here, but please observe/photograph them from a safe distance so as not to disturb them.

» in a safe place = en un sitio seguro, en un lugar seguro, en buenas manos, a buen recaudo, a salvo.

Example: Print this document and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

» it + be + safe to say that = poderse afirmar (con certeza) que, poderse decir (con certeza) que.

Example: Carnegie then concluded: 'It is safe to say that the 37,000 frequenters of the Pratt Library are of more value to Baltimore, to the state, and to the country, than all the inert, lazy, and hopelessly poor in the nation'.

» keep + a safe distance = mantener una distancia prudente, guardar una distancia prudente.

Example: However, keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and another is an important skill to practice year round.

» lead + Nombre + to (a) safe harbour = llevar a buen puerto, llevar a buen fin.

Example: It is my people who elected me in a referendum and who trusted me to lead them to safe harbour.

» maintain + a safe distance = mantener una distancia prudente, guardar una distancia prudente.

Example: For most small aircraft flying outside controlled airspace in good weather, the pilots are responsible for maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft.

» microwave-safe = apto para (usar en) el microondas.

Example: To steam a vegetable in your microwave, just wash it and pat it dry, place it in a microwave-safe bowl, cover tightly and microwave it.

» play it + safe = jugar a lo seguro, jugar sobre seguro, ir a lo seguro, ir sobre seguro, obrar con cautela, actuar con cautela, ser prudente, precaverse, no arriesgarse.

Example: Barack Obama is playing it safe in the final week of the election, but his Achilles' heel might be taxes.

» safe and sound = sano y salvo, vivito y coleando, ileso.

Example: The next morning she was found safe and sound by Leni, the search dog, and his handlers.

» safe distance = distancia prudente.

Example: Could Bill and others that have done research here give an opinion on how to determine the safe distance to live from a nuclear power plant.

» safe drinking water = agua potable.

Example: Over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide.

» safe driving = conducción segura.

Example: Having operational lights and blinkers is a must for safe driving.

» safe ground = terreno firme, terreno seguro.

Example: Broder says 'there is no safe ground' in the news business anymore.

» safe harbour = puerto seguro, refugio, lugar protegido, zona protegida.

Example: One of the proposals made to protect children from the harmful effects of violence on television is to limit the showing of violent programmes to safe harbours when children are not viewing.

» safe haven = refugio, lugar seguro, lugar protegido, zona protegida.

Example: While there are features of public libraries which are to be cherished - the role as a community meeting place, a place to borrow books, a safe haven -- we must look for new opportunities.

» safe house = piso franco.

Example: A safe house works for both good guys and bad guys, keeping them hidden and secure.

» safekeeper [sake-keeper] = conservador, guardián.

Example: Libraries find themselves frustrated in their role as safekeepers of science: how can they ensure optimal access and availability if they do not control the access systems?.

» safekeeping [safe-keeping] = salvaguadia, custodia, cuidado.

Example: The records were forwarded to Australia from the 30s to 50s for safekeeping.

» safe place = lugar seguro. [Generalmente con amigos]

Example: By serving teens in this way, libraries not only give young adults a safe place to hang out with their friends, they also encourage teens to identify themselves as library users = De este modo, las bibliotecas no sólo ofrecen a los jóvenes un lugar seguro para pasar el rato con sus amigos, sino que también les estimulan a identificarse a ellos mismos como usuarios de la biblioteca.

» safe sex = sexo seguro.

Example: A sample of 105 hours of daytime soap opera programming from 1989-90 was analyzed for depictions of sexual behaviours, safe sex, and pregnancy.

» unsafe = inseguro, arriesgado, peligroso.

Example: However, the Internet is perceived as an unsafe medium for the valuable and sensitive information in business transactions.

Safe synonyms

good in spanish: , pronunciation: gʊd part of speech: adjective sound in spanish: , pronunciation: saʊnd part of speech: noun, adjective innocuous in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪnɑkjuəs part of speech: adjective secure in spanish: , pronunciation: sɪkjʊr part of speech: verb, adjective safety in spanish: , pronunciation: seɪfti part of speech: noun rubber in spanish: , pronunciation: rʌbɜr part of speech: noun dependable in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪpendəbəl part of speech: adjective prophylactic in spanish: , pronunciation: prɑfɪlæktɪk part of speech: adjective condom in spanish: , pronunciation: kɑndəm part of speech: noun harmless in spanish: , pronunciation: hɑrmləs part of speech: adjective fail-safe in spanish: , pronunciation: feɪlseɪf part of speech: adjective unhurt in spanish: , pronunciation: ənhɜrt part of speech: adjective unadventurous in spanish: , pronunciation: ənədventʃɜrəs part of speech: adjective safe and sound in spanish: , pronunciation: seɪfændsaʊnd part of speech: adjective riskless in spanish: , pronunciation: rɪskləs part of speech: adjective risk-free in spanish: , pronunciation: rɪskfri part of speech: adjective unhazardous in spanish: , pronunciation: ənhəzɑrdəs part of speech: adjective

Safe antonyms

dangerous pronunciation: deɪndʒɜrəs part of speech: adjective unsafe pronunciation: ənseɪf part of speech: adjective
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