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pronunciation: etiketɑ part of speech: noun
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tag1 = etiqueta. [Abreviatura o código que se utiliza para identificar un campo de un registro o una función]

Example: You can also sort records according to the frequency of search terms in the retrieved records by including the tag 'PO' (for 'postings') in your SORT statement.


» abusive price tag = precio abusivo, precio desorbitado.

Example: While textbooks are clearly an important and critical component to students' education, their abusive price tags are not.

» everything comes with a price (tag/in life) = todo tiene un costo (en la vida), todo tiene un precio (en la vida).

Example: Everything comes with a price, including cheap airfares.

» field tag = etiqueta de campo. [Tres caracteres asociados a un campo y usados para identificarlo]

Example: In order to signal the beginning of each field each field is identified by a three character tag followed by two numeric indicators.

» hefty price tag = precio desorbitado, precio (demasiado) elevado, precio (demasiado) caro.

Example: You want good strong coffee, like the stuff you find at coffeehouses, minus the hefty price tag, right?.

» magnetic security tag = banda antirrobo magnética.

Example: Theft is probably unavoidable, but can be limited through use of magnetic security tags and by slightly defacing covers with hole punches or library stamps.

» metadata tag = etiqueta de metadatos, metaetiqueta.

Example: These documents documents not only contain metadata tags but also the application code for interpreting and manipulating this metadata.

» metatag = metaetiqueta.

Example: The application of metatags and the creation of a common thesaurus are being investigated.

» name tag = etiqueta de identificación, etiqueta con el nombre.

Example: Attendants will also be provided with lanyards so that they can wear their name tags around the neck.

» price tag = precio, etiqueta del precio.

Example: Many library services, which generally have been provided free to users, are likely to acquire price tags in the near future.

» prohibitive price tag = precio prohibitivo, precio desorbitado.

Example: Unfortunately, a digital oscilloscope with this array of features often comes with a prohibitive price tag.

» skin tag = molleja. [Apéndice carnoso anormal de la piel]

Example: Skin tags or acrochorda are usually benign, and they do not cause any discomfort unless they are quite large and get irritated frequently by jewelry or clothing.

tag2 = pilla-pilla. 

Example: Tag was very popular in my old school -- I can run very fast, so I won most of the time.


» game of tag = juego del pilla-pilla.

Example: If you played the game of tag when you were a little kid, you'd get a kick out of this: scientists have discovered that gorillas also play it.

» play + tag = jugar al pilla-pilla.

Example: Police in Florida say a 14-year-old girl survived a three-story fall down an elevator shaft while playing tag with friends.

tag3 = marcar, etiquetar. 

Example: It is occasionally useful for administrative purposes to be able to tag borrowers so that they may be intercepted during charge-out.


» tag along = pegarse a rueda, chupar rueda.

Example: One of my employees has the habit of tagging along to my smoke breaks.

» tag + Nombre + as + Adjetivo = tachar a + Nombre + de + Adjetivo.

Example: To call a supervisor 'spineless' is to tag him as weak and therefore unfair to his really good employees.

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