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pronunciation: bɑloʊɹ̩ɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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value3 = valorar, poner en valor. 

Example: Often, the facilities offered by a co-operative may not be as sophisticated as those available from software vendors, but the support of a group of libraries is valued.


» overvalue = sobrevalorar, sobreestimar.

Example: The quoted figures are used as a framework for a discussion of the dangers of overvaluing the electronic information industry.

» revalue = reevaluar. 

Example: If librarians wish to enhance their status a positive effort must be made to revalue their contribution to the ever increasing needs of the profession.

» revalue = revalorizar. 

Example: The article 'Revaluing women's work' illustrates how reports of work can provide a vehicle for elevating the perceived value of women's work.

» undervalue [under-value] = desvalorizar, infravalorar.

Example: The latter statement undervalues long-established interests of SLIS in the field of information and ignores frequently attested movement of SLIS personnel into non-library information posts.

» value + Nombre + highly = valorar Algo mucho, dar mucho valor a Algo.

Example: People value the public library highly as an educational and community resource and the library acts as an 'information junction' to bind the community together.

valued = estimado, apreciado, preciado. 

Example: One very elementary kind of invitation might be the introduction of lavatories in public libraries: a facility to be found in department stores, which are interested in service to valued customers.


» fuzzy-valued = con valores difusos.

Example: Fuzzy random variables (also referred to often as random fuzzy sets) were introduced as a valuable and well-formalized model to deal with probabilistic and statistical problems involving fuzzy data when these data are supplied by an existing fuzzy-valued quantification process = Las variables aleatorias de lógica difusa (a las que también se les conoce conjuntos aleatorios de lógica difusa) se introdujeron como un modelo valioso y bien formalizado para tratar los problemas probabilísticos y estadísticos relacionados con los datos difusos cuando éstos han sido suministrado por un proceso existente de cuantificación de valores difusos.

» highly valued = muy valorado, valiosísimo, más valorado, de gran valor.

Example: Intellectual freedom is a first essential of all the highly valued human feelings = La libertad intelectual es el más esencial de todos los sentimientos humanos más valorados.

» undervalued [under-valued] = infravalorado, subestimado. 

Example: Studies conclude that librarians' jobs are undervalued and underpaid.

» valued at = por un valor de.

Example: Participants have the chance to win a hotel voucher valued at a generous 500 EUR!.

Valued synonyms

valuable in spanish: , pronunciation: væljəbəl part of speech: adjective quantitative in spanish: , pronunciation: kwɑntɪteɪtɪv part of speech: adjective
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