Walking in spanish

Para caminar

pronunciation: pɑɹ̩ɑkɑminɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun
In gestures

walk2 = caminar, pasear, andar. 

Example: The user is presented with much walking around shelves if he wishes to gather all documents on a given subject.


» If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck = si se parece a un pato, anda como un pato y grazna como un pato, entonces es un pato.

Example: You know what they say, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, or in this case, a lying, stealing, cheating fraud.

» jaywalk = cruzar la carretera por un sitio no autorizado.

Example: When people make the decision to jaywalk, they don't connect it to the fact that they could get killed doing that.

» money talks and bullshit walks = el dinero habla por sí solo y lo demás son tonterías, poderoso caballero es Don Dinero, el dinero es poder.

Example: Apparently only customers who are of royal blood can merit such distinction -- luckily for him, 'money talks and bullshit walks'.

» sleep walk = caminar dormido, ser sonámbulo.

Example: Its final sentence - 'Libraries are sleep walking to disaster; it is time they woke up' - should give us all food for thought.

» talk the talk walk the walk = predicar con el ejemplo, el movimiento se demuestra andando, del dicho al hecho hay un trecho, entre el dicho y el hecho hay un gran trecho.

Example: Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk -- if you believe that women can change the world, donate to a charity that will help them to do so.

» the moment/second + Nombre + walk + out (of) the/that door  = en el momento que + salir + por la/esa puerta, en cuanto + salir + por la/esa puerta.

Example: In her mind, she still feared becoming another woman he'd check off the list after debauching her, almost as if he'd be done with her the second he walked out that door.

» walk across = cruzar, atravesar.

Example: Some of the questions to ask ourselves are will people walk up or down stairs, across quadrangles, etc just to visit the library?.

» walk + a fine line between ... and ... = estar a caballo entre... y..., intentar encontrar un término medio entre... y....

Example: Cutting through space and time through cinematography, the film creators walk a fine line between their imagination and their dreams.

» walk all over + Alguien = tratar sin miramientos, no tener la más mínima consideración, tratar como un trapo, tratar a patadas, atropellar, pisotear, menospreciar, humillar, maltratar.

Example: By always looking at people in the eye and keeping your head held high you'll start giving them the vibe that you are not to be walked all over .

» walk all over + Alguien = derrotar completamente, dar una buena paliza, merendarse, vapulear, barrer, hacerse dueño y señor de.

Example: The Scouses were the first real challenge for Fulham this season but they were walked all over by the Londoners.

» walk all over + the road = caminar por la carretera, caminar tanto por la acera como por la carretera.

Example: In residential areas where people walk all over the road, unless you honk they will not notice that you have crept up behind them.

» walk all over + the road = hacer eses, zigzaguear, andar haciendo eses.

Example: It feels like a completely different car, and doesn't walk all over the road like it did.

» walk + Animal + on a leash = sacar a + Animal + de paseo llevado de la correa, sacar a + Animal + de paseo llevado por la traílla.

Example: A dominatrix has been reported to British police after she was spotted walking a man on a dog leash through city streets.

» walk + arm in arm = pasear (cogidos) del brazo, caminar (cogidos) del brazo, andar (cogidos) del brazo.

Example: Over the weekend, they were spotted walking arm in arm while strolling through the town.

» walk (a)round = andar por, pasear por, caminar por, rondar, deambular.

Example: He got up, and, putting hands in the pockets of his trousers, began to walk around the room.

» walk around = deambular, pasearse, darse una vuelta, darse un paseo.

Example: You're four times more likely to find a psychopath at the top of the corporate ladder than you are walking around the janitor's office.

» walk (a)round like + a lost soul = vagar como alma en pena.

Example: He walked around like a lost soul, trying to remember things.

» walk (a)round with + Posesivo + head in the clouds = andar con la cabeza en las nubes.

Example: After all, a man with responsibilities can't walk around with his head in the clouds all the time.

» walk + a tightrope = caminar por la cuerda floja.

Example: Therefore, the library manager must walk a tightrope that is continually swayed by self-interest (on the part of oneself and others).

» walk away = alejarse, irse.

Example: Preston Huish smiled approvingly, expressed his thanks, and walked away with suave confidence.

» walk away from = alejarse de, apartarse de, irse de, retirarse de.

Example: I can't stand loquacious people; it's almost impossible to walk away from them without feeling like you are being rude or weird

» walk away from + a relationship = terminar una relación, acabar con una relación.

Example: He threatened to harm her if she ever left him, and she has been afraid for her life ever since she walked away from that relationship.

» walk away from + Posesivo + dream(s) = abandonar + Posesivo + sueños.

Example: Someone I once knew wrote that we walk away from our dreams afraid that we may fail or worse yet, afraid we may succeed.

» walk + barefoot = andar descalzo.

Example: We're not born with shoes on our feet, so why are people so afraid of walking barefoot?.

» walk down = bajar.

Example: Some of the questions to ask ourselves are will people walk up or down stairs, across quadrangles, etc just to visit the library?.

» walk down + memory lane = recordar el pasado, rememorar el pasado.

Example: Every generation has some movies, TV shows or favoite songs they connect with their childhood and love walking down memory lane.

» walk down + the aisle = casarse.

Example: Walking down the aisle signifies the beginning of your new life, so celebrate your wedding with a king-size cake.

» walk down + the street = andar por la calle, bajar por la calle, pasar por la calle, pasear por la calle.

Example: A woman was walking down the street when she was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked her for a couple of dollars for dinner.

» walk + hand in hand = pasear (cogidos) de la mano, caminar (cogidos) de la mano, andar (cogidos) de la mano.

Example: The couple were spotted walking hand-in-hand leaving a restaurant on Wednesday after celebrating her friend's birthday.

» walk in/into = entrar.

Example: 'When you walked in here, Tony, you looked as if you'd just seen a ghost' = "Tony, cuando entrastes aquí parecía como si hubieras visto un fantasma".

» walk in = entrar.

Example: The door began to open slowly and the principal walked in with the normal gormless face showing no emotion.

» walk in + circles = caminar en círculos.

Example: If you're lost in the woods and you feel like you're walking in circles, you probably are.

» walk in + lockstep (with) = caminar a la par, caminar a la vez, caminar en paralelo, caminar al unísono.

Example: The Left's advantage is that it walks in lockstep with popular culture.

» walk in + Posesivo + shoes = ponerse en el lugar de Alguien.

Example: The article 'Walk in my shoes: the case for a practicum with a publisher' argues that library students could benefit from a practicum in a publishing business.

» walk into = entrar en. [A pie]

Example: Plainer to see is the effect of this library lottery on enquirers: in the words of Roger Horn, `no one knows what to expect when he walks into a library'.

» walk into = tropezar con, toparse con, darse con/contra, chocar con/contra, encontrar.

Example: He is presented in the movie as a somewhat comical character, with a lumbering but pleasant clumsiness as he walks through doors and into furniture.

» walk + Nombre + through = guiar a Alguien por, enseñar.

Example: This unit of study walks early elementary students through the basics of counting and using the smallest U.S. coin denominations (penny, nickel, and dime).

» walk off = largarse, marcharse, irse, pirarse, pirárselas, darse el piro. [Generalmente, de modo inesperado o en señal de protesta]

Example: 'I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm out of energy,' he told the crowd, saying he was sorry and blowing a kiss before walking off the stage with his head hung low.

» walk off + the field = abandonar el campo de juego, dejar el campo de juego, salir del campo de juego.

Example: As he walked off the field, I shook his hand and told him that I hadn't seen such a gutty performance in a long time, and I sincerely meant it.

» walk off + the pitch = abandonar el campo de juego, dejar el campo de juego, salir del campo de juego.

Example: Both teams of players in a friendly match in Italy walked off the pitch because of racist chants form the crowd against a player.

» walk off + the stage = abandonar el escenario.

Example: At his speech Saturday night he zinged the media and the field of presidential contenders before dropping the mic and walking off stage.

» walk off with = llevarse, largarse con, arramblar con, arramplar con. [Generalmente, sin permiso]

Example: Police caught three drunken house burglars walking off with their loot in carrier-bags, a court was told.

» walk off with = conseguir fácilmente, ganar fácilmente, vencer fácilmente, ganar sobradamente, ganar de sobra, ganar de calle, llevarse de calle.

Example: A Nuclear Engineering student recently walked off with the first place at an international congress in Cape Town.

» walk off with = irse con, salir con, acompañar a.

Example: Children should never talk to a stranger, accept gifts or sweets, and never walk off with someone they don't know.

» walk on + air = sentirse como flotando en las nubes, estar en la gloria, estar en el séptimo cielo.

Example: She is 'walking on air' after grabbing the limelight by flaunting her fabulous new figure.

» walk on + all fours = andar a gatas, andar a cuatro patas, gatear.

Example: In human evolution, the transition from walking on all fours to walking upright didn't occur in a single step.

» walk on + eggshells = andarse con (mucho) cuidado, andarse con pies de plomo, ir con pies de plomo.

Example: The article is entitled 'Jumping through Hoops, Walking on Eggshells: The Experiences of Library Students with Disabilities'.

» walk on + four legs = andar a cuatro patas.

Example: Before they had grain to eat, humans were weak and had to walk on four legs like animals.

» walk on + thin ice = andarse con (mucho) cuidado, andarse con pies de plomo, ir con pies de plomo.

Example: I walk on thin ice with my boys when they are with their spouses.

» walk onto = entrar en, pisar.

Example: I read that she walked onto the boat and caught them getting it on.

» walk on + water = caminar sobre el agua, andar sobre el agua.

Example: You may not be heavenly, but that shouldn't stop you from walking on water thanks to this inflatable ball.

» walk out = irse, marcharse, abandonar, largarse, retirarse, coger la puerta, pirarse, pirárselas, coger la puerta y largarse, darse el piro.

Example: At least five members of the audience walked out during the bishop's address.

» walk out = abandonar el trabajo en señal de protesta, ponerse en huelga.

Example: In May 1926 Britains' miners walked out and in a move of solidarity other industry workers joined them, creating the first ever general strike in Britain.

» walk out from = salir de.

Example: Walking out from the hotel can sometimes be difficult because water pools on the road leading to the main shopping area.

» walk out of = salir de. [A pie]

Example: As she walked out of the library, he warned her 'cast no clout till May is out'.

» walk out on = dejar plantado, dejar tirado, abandonar, dejar.

Example: There are many thankless jobs in this world, but does that mean you can just walk out on them for your own selfish reasons?.

» walk over (to) = ir a, acercarse a.

Example: Today, I walked over to my grandmother's house to pay her a visit.

» walk + past = pasar por delante de, cruzarse con.

Example: She is one of those ultra sexy, smoking hot women who turn heads when they walk past anyone.

» walk + path = seguir un camino.

Example: The article is an invitation to walk along the path of creative thinking.

» walk + the dog = sacar al perro de paseo, sacar al perro a pasear.

Example: We don't have a dog, but walking the dog would be one of the things I would gladly let a robot do.

» walk + the extra mile = hacer un sobreesfuerzo, hacer el último esfuerzo, dar el último empujón.

Example: Among architecture so beautiful, guest houses that do not walk the extra mile to offer something special are sure to fall by the wayside.

» walk + the straight and narrow = seguir el buen camino, seguir el camino de la verdad.

Example: After establishing himself as one of the world's best safecrackers, he decides to retire from his life of crime and walk the straight and narrow.

» walk + the streets = callejear.

Example: That is not the case for the over 200000 homeless people in this country who are still walking the streets, looking for food and shelter.

» walk + the streets of misery = vivir en la miseria, vivir en la pobreza.

Example: He will dwell in the church that is built by martyrs fighting for justice, by children starving of hunger, by mothers and fathers walking the streets of misery.

» walk + the talk = predicar con el ejemplo.

Example: This way we are hoping to internalise our values, constantly demonstrating that we consider these are important, and to reward staff who 'walk the talk'.

» walk + the tightrope = andar por la cuerda floja, caminar por la cuerda floja.

Example: The challenge of the Christian life, or so it seems to me, is to walk a kind of tightrope strung between this world and the next.

» walk + the tight wire = andar por la cuerda floja, caminar por la cuerda floja.

Example: The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the ALA has been described as 'walking the tight wire between being somewhat independent and becoming part of the ALA establishment'.

» walk through = atravesar.

Example: He is presented in the movie as a somewhat comical character, with a lumbering but pleasant clumsiness as he walks through doors and into furniture.

» walk through + the door = entrar.

Example: As I walk through the door of the first sporting goods store, I look for the running shoes I want.

» walk to = caminar hasta, andar hasta.

Example: Stopping at the lectern to say thanks, he then walked to center stage, took off his tie and coat, and dropped them to the floor.

» walk up = subir.

Example: Some of the questions to ask ourselves are will people walk up or down stairs, across quadrangles, etc just to visit the library?.

» walk + upright = caminar erguido, caminar derecho.

Example: In human evolution, the transition from walking on all fours to walking upright didn't occur in a single step.

» walk up to = acercarse a. [A pie]

Example: As we were walking up to the place, John, the owner, saw us from over by the barn and told us to just go on in and that he'd be there in a mo'.

» walk with + a hobble = cojear, renquear.

Example: Later she requires another operation because her feet are curling up which causes her to walk with a hobble.

» walk with + a stoop = andar encorvado.

Example: It is a curious fact of history that the first Neanderthal man to have been discovered did, indeed, walk with a stoop.

» walk with + a waddle = bambolearse al andar, bambolearse al caminar, andar como un pato, caminar como un pato.

Example: In two more months, I'll be walking with a waddle and bitterly complaining about the tribulations of being pregnant.

» worship + the ground + Pronombre + walk on = adorar el suelo que + pisar.

Example: Her girls worship the ground she walks on, the women hang on her every word, and the men languish in the trail of her Parisian perfume.

walking1 = andar, caminar. [Nombre]

Example: Some physiotherapists argue that baby walkers delay independent walking, and encourage abnormal gait and posture, and urge toy libraries to exclude them from their provision.


» be a dead man/woman (walking) = ser hombre muerto, tener los días contados, no tener posibilidades, ser imposible, tener las horas contadas, quedar dos/tres telediarios, tener las uvas contadas.

Example: Probst thought he'd last longer, but I knew he was a dead man walking the minute he showed up.

» dog walking = sacar al perro de paseo, sacar al perro a pasear.

Example: Dog walking is usually done in the morning and if that is the time you are free you can earn money under the table, simply take a dog for a walk and get paid in cash.

» fell walking = montañismo, senderismo.

Example: It must be pointed out that alcohol and fell walking do not really go together and care should be exercised.

» fitness walking = marcha rápida, caminar rápido, andar rápido.

Example: A good fitness walking speed is 3 to 4 miles per hour, the pace you'd walk if you're late for a meeting or cruising through the airport to make a flight.

» hill walking = montañismo, senderismo.

Example: Hill walking is a very effective way to tone your legs, challenge your cardiovascular system and get into shape.

» jaywalking = cruzar la carretera por un sitio no autorizado.

Example: At any rate, jaywalking is a relatively minor annoyance (and a risk that falls mainly on the jaywalkers themselves), and it should not consume law enforcement resources.

» power walking = marcha rápida, caminar rápido, andar rápido.

Example: From a weight-loss perspective, running trumps power walking.

» sleep-walking = sonambulismo, caminar dormido.

Example: For example, in the index to UDC we find: Sleep-walking 159.963.5 Somnambulism 159.963.5 Arachnida 595.4 Spiders 595.4.

» speed walking = marcha rápida, caminar rápido, andar rápido.

Example: Even better, speed walking is easier on your joints, since you hit the ground with less than half the force you do when you jog.

» walking aid = utensilio para ayudar a caminar.

Example: Library patrons had with them a range of other possessions, including boxes of tissue, electronic translators, cameras, walking aids (e.g., canes), baby bottles, skateboards, and even bicycles = Además, los usuarios tenían otra serie de objetos personales como, por ejemplo, cajas de pañuelos de papel, electronic translators, cámaras, utensilios para ayudar a caminar (por ej., bastones), biberones, monopatines e incluso bicicletas.

» walking arcade = galería comercial.

Example: Similar types of studies also can be carried out to examine the distribution and social activities of people in extensive institutional spaces such as malls, plazas, walking arcades, and marketplaces.

» walking boots = botas para caminar.

Example: Thousands of Britons are donning walking boots every month amid an explosion of schemes to promote the social, health and environmental benefits of walking.

» walking distance = distancia a pie.

Example: This automated transport system can weight requests to minimise transport changes, walking distance etc. as well as help answering simple questions.

» walking frame = andador.

Example: Concerns over the safety of traditional walking frames have led scientists to design a robotic version.

» walking shoe = zapato de calle.

Example: Players commonly bring their sports shoes with cleats or spikes, along with a pair of walking shoes to wear normally.

» walking stick = bastón.

Example: The author presents an historical survey of the specific technical field of umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks.

» walking tour = paseo turístico, visita a pie.

Example: With the recent emphasis toward active learning techniques and technology tools, many libraries seem to be discontinuing the traditional guided walking tours.

» walking trail = sendero, ruta a pie, sendero para caminar, sendero para excursionistas.

Example: There is a 4.5 mile long walking and biking trail along the waterfront that leads to several nature trails outside of town.

» within easy walking distance = cerca, a pocos minutos andando, a pocos minutos a pie.

Example: For those who wish to make their own arrangements for accommodation, there are many hotels within easy walking distance.

» within walking distance = cerca, a pocos minutos andando, a pocos minutos a pie, a poca distancia a pie, a poca distancia andando.

Example: The pilot phase focused on the students at schools within walking distance of the Central Library.

walking2 = vivo, ambulante. 

Example: He is a walking history of modern librarianship and has been a mentor to many.


» walking dead = muerto en vida, muerto viviente, zombi.

Example: There were a few days last week where I felt like a walking dead person, but I am starting to feel better = La semana pasada hubo unos cuantos días que me sentí como un zombi, pero ya me estoy empezando a sentir mejor.

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