X in spanish


pronunciation: ks part of speech: noun
In gestures

x = por. 

Example: Card catalogues or indexes comprise a set of cards often 5x3 inches (122x72 mm), with each entry on a separate card.


» Generation X = Generación X. [Personas nacidas después del 'baby boom' (1945-1960) y caracterizada por su oposición a los valores tradicionales e influidos por los medios de comunicación y las nuevas tecnologías]

Example: Today's students in the USA, considered to be members of Generation X, differ in many ways from those who design and conduct most academic library programmes, the latter considered to be members of the baby boom generation.

» x chromosome = cromosoma X.

Example: Ejaculation frequency was not significantly correlated with the distribution of X and Y chromosomes.

» x-height = ojo medio, núcleo. [En tipografía, la altura de una letra minúscula que no tiene trazos ascendentes ("b") o trazos descendentes ("p"); normalmente se toma como medida estándar la altura de la "x"]

Example: Its x-height was notably small, and the fount was equipped with many ligatures (tied letters) and with upright capitals; it was quickly and widely imitated.

» X-rated = sólo para adultos, no apto para menores, clasificado.

Example: The title of the workshop is 'X-rated free access to information and freedom of expression'.

» X ray = rayo X.

Example: A radiograph is a photograph produced by the passage of radiation, such as X rays, gamma rays, or neutrons, through an opaque object.

» x-ray tomography = tomografía mediante rayos X.

Example: This article describes results obtained from the creation of a patent citation network on x-ray tomography.
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