Yacht in spanish


pronunciation: iɑte part of speech: noun
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yacht = yate, balandro, velero. 

Example: For example, a document on 'the cutting of glass-fibre-reinforced plastics for use in the hulls of yachts' draws together the concepts: cutting, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics, hulls and yachts.


» luxury yacht = yate de lujo.

Example: This £100m luxury yacht will be able to navigate through the Arctic.

» sailing yacht = velero.

Example: The results indicate that recreational boating is the main component of all boat traffic, being composed chiefly by sailing yachts, with a small contribution of jet-skis and speedboat.

» superyacht = yate de lujo, superyate.

Example: Clambering aboard a superyacht from a speedboat is a mammoth task in itself, let alone climbing up steep steps in a teeny tiny white bikini.

» yachtsman [yachtsmen, -pl.] = aficionado a la vela, balandrista.

Example: So we see extraordinary hardships cheerfully borne (indeed, apparently enjoyed) by zealous mountaineers, earnest single-handed yachtsmen floating round the world, and all-weather fishing-hobbyists sit patiently at the side of, and sometimes in, rivers, undeterred by the paucity of their catches.

» yachtswoman [yachtswomen, -pl.] = aficionada a la vela, balandrista.

Example: A British yachtswoman has become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, both ways around the world.

Yacht synonyms

racing yacht in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪsɪŋjɑt part of speech: noun
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