Yarn in spanish


pronunciation: iloʊ part of speech: noun
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yarn1 = hilo, hebra. 

Example: This is the perfect yarn for knitting when the luxury and durability of pure new wool is desired.


» ball of yarn = ovillo.

Example: Now, let me express to you, you have, in a manner of speaking, created quite a tangled ball of yarn in this situation.

» knitting yarn = bola de hacer punto.

Example: This article presents a selection of periodicals, devoted to the craft hobby of handspinning, weaving or knitting yarns.

yarn2 = cuento, anécdota, historia. 

Example: Every teacher, I suppose, has his own collection of favorite yarns based on personal experiences.


» a rattling good yarn = un relato sensacional, una historia sensacional.

Example: All that day's newspapers went to town on the story, not only because it made such a rattling good yarn, but also because it offered the chance to portray the BBC as a dangerously irresponsible organisation.

» spin + a yarn = contar una historia.

Example: The old expressions 'spin a yarn', 'weave a tale' suggest the anecdotal, conversational quality that must be striven for by the storyteller.

Yarn synonyms

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