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pronunciation: toʊdɑbiɑ part of speech: adverb
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yet1 = aun, todavía, incluso. 

Example: This will make it yet more difficult for the information worker and the end user to keep up to date with the full range of data bases.


» as yet = hasta ahora, hasta el momento, por ahora, todavía, aún.

Example: A second objective of union catalogues -- to make library resources available when and where they are needed -- has not then as yet been fully achieved.

» better yet = y mejor aun, y aun mejor.

Example: The most important part of dental care is to brush and floss your teeth regularly (at least twice a day, better yet after every meal or snack).

» be yet to come = estar aún por llegar, no haber llegado todavía.

Example: But I would imagine that the greatest cost of the code is yet to come.

» day + be + yet to come = día + estar por llegar.

Example: The day of the stand-alone library is numbered, and the day of the stand-alone end-user is yet to come.

» it is/was (still) early days (yet) = todavía es/era pronto, aún es/era pronto, es/era pronto todavía, es/era pronto aún, todavía es/era temprano, aún es/era temprano, es/era temprano todavía, es/era temprano aún. [Las combinaciones normales son it is/was early days, it is/was still early days y it is/was early days yet]

Example: It's early days, and we've got a lot to do, but there's no reason why we can't make this work.

» just yet = por ahora.

Example: We shall not pursue this topic any further just yet.

» not yet = todavía no.

Example: Nevertheless, it cannot yet be said that all cataloguing is conducted with the use of a computer, and even some major library systems persist with manual cataloguing practices.

» the battle + be + not over yet = las espadas + estar + en (todo lo) alto, mantener las espadas en (todo lo) alto, las espadas + seguir + en (todo lo) alto.

Example: The battle is not over yet, we have not lost hope -- what we have is a temporary setback.

» the best is yet to come = lo mejor está aún por llegar, lo mejor está aún por venir, aún queda lo mejor, aún que falta lo mejor, todavía no ha pasado lo mejor.

Example: As always appears to be the case, the best is yet to come.

» there + be + a great deal yet to be learned = quedar mucho por saber, quedar mucho por conocer.

Example: There is a great deal yet to be learned about electronic mail reference service = Queda mucho por conocer sobre el servicio de referencia por correo electrónico.

» the worst is yet/still to come = lo peor está por llegar, lo peor está por venir.

Example: What we're finding out from a fiscal standpoint is that the worst is yet to come.

» worse yet = lo que es peor.

Example: Someone I once knew wrote that we walk away from our dreams afraid that we may fail or worse yet, afraid we may succeed.

» yet even = incluso.

Example: Yet even under these auspicious circumstances, it is important that clients become stakeholders in the entire process = Aun incluso con estas circunstancias tan prometedoras, es importante que los clientes participen de lleno en todo el proceso.

» yet-to-be = futuro.

Example: If the past is an indicator, current, emerging and yet-to-be Web features and functionalities will have a significant impact on the content and publishing of serials.

» yet to be announced = pendiente de anunciarse.

Example: Incentives for the new service include the lack of advertising and the availability of new databases yet to be announced.

» yet to be + Verbo = todavía por + Verbo.

Example: The building is attached to a large leisure complex, yet to be opened.

» yet to come = del futuro.

Example: The article 'The library yet to come' presents a range of pessimistic and optimistic predictions for the future of the library.

yet2 = hasta ahora, todavía, aún. 

Example: The article suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised.


» Posesivo + best yet = el mejor que ha hecho hasta ahora.

Example: This novel may be her best yet.

» the best yet = el mejor hasta ahora.

Example: This biography is the best yet on Lord Acton.

» yet found = encontrado hasta ahora.

Example: The oldest space dust yet found on Earth suggests that the ancient atmosphere of Earth had significantly more oxygen than previously thought.

yet3 = sin embargo, no obstante. 

Example: Yet even these indexes recognise some rules concerning the structure of headings.

yet4 = y a la vez, y al mismo tiempo. 

Example: Is it possible to develop a generalized yet customizable data collection system that can be standardized across different public libraries? = ¿Es posible desarrollar un sistema de recogida de datos generalizado y al mismo tiempo adaptable a las circunstancias que se pueda aplicar en diferentes tipos de bibliotecas públicas?.

yet5 = sin traducción. [Usado como énfasis]

Example: EEC's activities provoke general interest only when they seem to pose a threat to yet another aspect of the British way of life.


» yet again = una vez más, de nuevo.

Example: Then he added, yet again frowning, 'You should do something about this young man's attitude' = Y entonces añadió, frunciendo el ceño una vez más: "Deberías hacer algo con respecto a la actitud de este jovencito".

» yet another + Nombre = otro + Nombre + más.

Example: Yet another variable factor is the growing presence of full text data bases.

Yet synonyms

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