Abogar in english


pronunciation: plid part of speech: verb
In gestures

abogar = contend ; defend. 

Example: The author contends that it is possible to view the search conducted with the aid of a series of menus as having strong similarities with the search through the hierarchy of a enumerative classification scheme.Example: A respondent is a candidate for a degree who, in an academic disputation, defends or opposes a thesis proposed by the praeses (q.v.); also called the defendant.


» abogar porargue + in favour ofplead forchampionpush in + the direction of .

Example: Despite the present financial straits of developing countries, she argues in favour of long-term plan for the acquisition of relevant rare book material.

Example: I would plead for more standardization, not less, because I think whatever we do is going to be imperfect.

Example: In particular he championed free photoduplication of library materials as a natural extension of library services to patrons at a distance.

Example: In recent decades, government and military officials alike have pushed increasingly in the direction of bloodless wars, where confrontations are undertaken - and ultimately won - with minimum loss of human life.
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