Abolir in english


pronunciation: əbɑlɪʃ part of speech: verb
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abolir = overturn ; abolish ; sunset ; annul. 

Example: However, any refinement involves greater human intervention, and this in turn can easily overturn the arguments in favour of subject indexes based upon titles.Example: Who knows? If we can abolish the card catalogue and replace it with some form more acceptable to library users, they may even begin to use library catalogues!.Example: It's instructive to remember just how passionately the media hyped the dangers of 'sunsetting' the ban.Example: In 2009 the court annulled the decision and remanded the case to the authority for further investigation.


» abolir la segregación racialdesegregate .

Example: As one element in the effort to desegregate public institutions of higher education, US federal courts have mandated the upgrading of libraries at historically black universities.
Abolir synonyms:
get rid of in spanish: deshacerse de, pronunciation: getrɪdʌv part of speech: verb
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