Abolladura in english


pronunciation: dent part of speech: noun
In gestures

abolladura = dent ; ding. 

Example: This milk can has several dents on the outside from normal use.Example: The tripod has several dings in the lower legs due to over tighting.


» arreglar una abolladura a martillazosbang out + a dent .

Example: Most dents that can be reached from both sides can be banged out completely.

» hacer una abolladuradent .

Example: After rumpling the sheets, he smacked his fist into the pillow, denting it as if she'd put her head there all night.

Abolladura synonyms

scratch in spanish: rasguño, pronunciation: skrætʃ part of speech: noun, verb notch in spanish: muesca, pronunciation: nɑtʃ part of speech: noun slit in spanish: corte largo, pronunciation: slɪt part of speech: noun nick in spanish: mella, pronunciation: nɪk part of speech: noun indent in spanish: sangrar, pronunciation: ɪndent part of speech: noun, verb gouge in spanish: gubia, pronunciation: gaʊdʒ part of speech: noun, verb incision in spanish: incisión, pronunciation: ɪnsɪʒən part of speech: noun
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