Abonar in english


pronunciation: peɪ part of speech: verb, noun
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abonar1 = pay out ; pay ; pay up. 

Example: Within six months after receipt of the Prize, the winner must submit to IFLA HQ an interim report of the use made of the funds, and the second instalment will be paid out.Example: I am also committed, however -- and this is what our taxpayers are paying us for -- to serving our library users, the people who are paying our salaries.Example: Dennis played her along until she decided to back out at which time he threatened to imprison her unless she paid up $2 million.

abonar2 = fertilise [fertilize, -USA]. 

Example: Another reason for fertilising is that, in time, established plants use up all the goodness in the surrounding soil.

Abonar synonyms

bear in spanish: oso, pronunciation: ber part of speech: verb, noun give in spanish: dar, pronunciation: gɪv part of speech: verb yield in spanish: rendimiento, pronunciation: jild part of speech: noun, verb remuneration in spanish: remuneración, pronunciation: rɪmjunɜreɪʃən part of speech: noun compensate in spanish: compensar, pronunciation: kɑmpənseɪt part of speech: verb wage in spanish: salario, pronunciation: weɪdʒ part of speech: noun devote in spanish: dedicar, pronunciation: dɪvoʊt part of speech: verb make up in spanish: maquillaje, pronunciation: meɪkʌp part of speech: verb salary in spanish: salario, pronunciation: sælɜri part of speech: noun earnings in spanish: ganancias, pronunciation: ɜrnɪŋz part of speech: noun pay off in spanish: saldar, pronunciation: peɪɔf part of speech: verb pay up in spanish: paga, pronunciation: peɪʌp part of speech: verb ante up in spanish: subir la apuesta, pronunciation: æntiʌp part of speech: verb
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