Abrasar in english


pronunciation: sɪr part of speech: verb
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abrasar = scorch ; sear ; singe ; burn ; scald ; consume ; parch. 

Example: If badly affected, spots run together, and leaves appear scorched.Example: Searing meat is the process for caramelising the sugars present in meat and forming an aesthetic crust around its surface.Example: Soon Frank's shoulders baked, and he could feel the day's heat singeing his cheeks and forehead.Example: In Italy, Mussoline was burning books and suppressing libraries with appalling regularity.Example: In the morning my shower started to splurt out boiling water, scalding my head so badly it has blistered.Example: Consuming large amounts of coconut oil can turn out harmful for health, suggest experts.Example: Droughts are becoming a common feature, parching the land at least once every two years.


» abrasarse de calorswelterbe boiling hot .

Example: Europe is sweltering in the heat of one of the hottest summers in recent history.

Example: She was boiling hot and her hands and feet were freezing.

Abrasar synonyms

dry in spanish: seco, pronunciation: draɪ part of speech: adjective sere in spanish: seco, pronunciation: sɪr part of speech: adjective scorch in spanish: quemar, pronunciation: skɔrtʃ part of speech: verb, noun withered in spanish: marchito, pronunciation: wɪðɜrd part of speech: adjective parch in spanish: tostar, pronunciation: pɑrtʃ part of speech: verb shriveled in spanish: marchito, pronunciation: ʃrɪvəld part of speech: adjective shrivelled in spanish: marchito, pronunciation: ʃrɪveld part of speech: adjective dried-up in spanish: secado, pronunciation: draɪdʌp part of speech: adjective
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