Abrasivo in english


pronunciation: əbreɪsɪv part of speech: adjective, noun
In gestures

abrasivo = abrasive. 

Example: Lithographic stones are easy to prepare, they can give a very large number of impressions, and they can be resurfaced by polishing with an abrasive.


» no abrasivonon-abrasive .

Example: The ideal stall surface in the cowshed should be non-slip and non-abrasive.

Abrasivo synonyms

rough in spanish: áspero, pronunciation: rʌf part of speech: adjective harsh in spanish: duro, pronunciation: hɑrʃ part of speech: adjective scratchy in spanish: chirriante, pronunciation: skrætʃi part of speech: adjective disagreeable in spanish: desagradable, pronunciation: dɪsəgriəbəl part of speech: adjective abradant in spanish: abradante, pronunciation: əbrædənt part of speech: noun unsmooth in spanish: no suave, pronunciation: ənsmuθ part of speech: adjective abrasive material in spanish: material abrasivo, pronunciation: əbreɪsɪvmətɪriəl part of speech: noun
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