Abrasión in english


pronunciation: əbreɪʒən part of speech: noun
In gestures

abrasión = abrasion. 

Example: Maps should lie unfolded one on the other, without intermediate fasteners and other objects that may cause abrasion, corrosion or discoloration, in appropriate enclosures made of suitable materials.
Abrasión synonyms:
attrition in spanish: desgaste, pronunciation: ətrɪʃən part of speech: noun scratch in spanish: rasguño, pronunciation: skrætʃ part of speech: noun, verb scrape in spanish: raspar, pronunciation: skreɪp part of speech: verb, noun grinding in spanish: molienda, pronunciation: graɪndɪŋ part of speech: noun excoriation in spanish: excoriación, pronunciation: ekskɔrieɪʃən part of speech: noun detrition in spanish: desanimo, pronunciation: dɪtrɪʃən part of speech: noun corrasion in spanish: corrasion, pronunciation: kɜrɑeɪʒən part of speech: noun
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