Abrevadero in english


pronunciation: trɔf part of speech: noun
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abrevadero = watering hole ; watering trough ; water trough ; drinking trough. 

Example: This is one of America's most fabled summer watering holes.Example: Watering troughs should be positioned as far as possible from feeding troughs and they should not leak, otherwise they create a breeding ground for parasites.Example: A sample from the water trough above shows some of the typical microscopic fauna and flora.Example: You can make a very good drinking trough from an old kerosene can, as shown on the facing page.

Abrevadero synonyms

bowl in spanish: cuenco, pronunciation: boʊl part of speech: noun till in spanish: hasta que, pronunciation: tɪl part of speech: noun, verb basin in spanish: cuenca, pronunciation: beɪsən part of speech: noun gutter in spanish: canal, pronunciation: gʌtɜr part of speech: noun manger in spanish: pesebre, pronunciation: meɪndʒɜr part of speech: noun public treasury in spanish: tesorería pública, pronunciation: pʌblɪktreʒɜri part of speech: noun
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