Abrevar in english


pronunciation: wɔtɜr part of speech: noun
In gestures

abrevar = water ; drink. 

Example: Watering the fern is best done by plunging the entire plant into a large container of room-temperature water.Example: Some libraries offer users the opportunity to eat and drink, read books, periodicals and newspapers and listen to records and tapes.

Abrevar synonyms

sweat in spanish: sudor, pronunciation: swet part of speech: noun pee in spanish: pipí, pronunciation: pi part of speech: noun, verb piss in spanish: mear, pronunciation: pɪs part of speech: verb, noun diaphoresis in spanish: diaforesis, pronunciation: daɪəfɔrəsɪs part of speech: noun h2o in spanish: h2o, pronunciation: part of speech: noun perspiration in spanish: transpiración, pronunciation: pɜrspɜreɪʃən part of speech: noun piddle in spanish: hacer pipí, pronunciation: pɪdəl part of speech: noun, verb urine in spanish: orina, pronunciation: jɜrən part of speech: noun irrigate in spanish: regar, pronunciation: ɪrəgeɪt part of speech: verb sudor in spanish: sudor, pronunciation: sudɜr part of speech: noun weewee in spanish: weewee, pronunciation: wiwi part of speech: noun hidrosis in spanish: hidrosis, pronunciation: haɪdroʊsəs part of speech: noun body of water in spanish: cuerpo de agua, pronunciation: bɑdiʌvwɔtɜr part of speech: noun water supply in spanish: suministro de agua, pronunciation: wɔtɜrsəplaɪ part of speech: noun lachrymal secretion in spanish: secreción lagrimal, pronunciation: lækriməlsəkriʃən part of speech: noun water system in spanish: sistema de agua, pronunciation: wɔtɜrsɪstəm part of speech: noun lacrimal secretion in spanish: secreción lagrimal, pronunciation: lækrəməlsəkriʃən part of speech: noun
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