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pronunciation: əbrivieɪtəd part of speech: adjective
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abreviado = shortened ; shorthand [short-hand] ; cut-down ; abbreviated ; abridged ; condensed. 

Example: Would it be feasible to construct a coding system with such flexibility that a research library could use a more expanded coding system, while nonresearch libraries can use a shortened coding system in the same code?.Example: The five words in the right hand column form a convenient shorthand descriptor of each stage in the analysis.Example: The 8088 is a 'cut-down' version of the 8086, having a smaller databus.Example: The following is an abbreviated list of standard subdivisions from the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.Example: This article examines the abridged versus unabridged debate in the realm of books on tape or audiocassettes outlining the advantages of each format.Example: The table of contents, in a condensed form, is often used as a means of describing scope and contents.


» catálogo abreviadofinding catalogue [Catálogo en el que la descripción bibliográfica de los documentos se reduce al mínimo, por ej., autor, título y signatura]finding list catalogue [Catálogo en el que la descripción bibliográfica de los documentos se reduce al mínimo, por ej., autor, título y signatura] .

Example: This function was to grow in importance with the growth of the libraries' collections and to change the character of the catalog from that of an inventory list to that of a finding list or finding catalog.

Example: Its primer purpose is the finding of specific documents, and consequently this type of catalogue has been labelled a finding list catalogue or an inventory catalogue.

» clasificación abreviadaabridged classification .

Example: In the abridged Bliss classification we find Tortoises, Lizards, Snakes, Crocodiles, Alligators as specific terms of Reptiles.

» edición abreviadaabridged edition [Edición abreviada de un trabajo que conserva el carácter esencial y el tema del original] .

Example: In addition to the full edition, there exist abridged and medium editions of the scheme.

» muy abreviadohighly-abbreviated .

Example: This report is a highly-abbreviated, selective account of the symposium written from the viewpoint of its moderator and co-organizer.

» partitura abreviadacondensed score [Notación musical de una obra para orquesta, banda, etc., que da solamente la parte musical principal en un mínimo de pentagramas, normalmente de 2 a 4, distribuidos por secciones instrumentales]short score [Partitura reducida a un mínimo de pentagramas] .

Example: A condensed score is the score of an orchestral or band work reduce to two, three, or four staves as required.

Example: A short score is a sketch made by a composer for an ensemble work, with the main features of the composition set out on a few staves.

» ser la forma abreviada debe short for .

Example: Immediately after the second prompt, S is short for SELECT.

» título abreviadoabbreviated title [Generalmente el título de una revista citado de una forma abreviada en las referencias bibliográficas, como por ejemplo 'BNB' (British National Bibliography)] .

Example: When citing journals in bibliographic references, abbreviated titles may be used if they are standard abbreviations and can be understood.

» versión abreviadaabbreviated versionabridged version [Extractos o resúmenes de un texto, elegidos o presentados de tal manera que constituyen una representación abreviada del conjunto]shortened version .

Example: For some while there have been calls for an abbreviated version of AACR, for small libraries and for non-cataloguers.

Example: An abridged version consists of extracts or summaries of a text chosen and represented in such a way as to give an abbreviated overall picture.

Example: Newspapers have not been available to the blind except in shortened recorded versions, mostly received long after sighted persons get their newspapers.

abreviar = abbreviate ; telescope. 

Example: The Dewey Decimal Classification (abbreviated to either DC or DDC) is arguably the most important bibliographic classification scheme.Example: What certainly happens without a doubt is that the experienced librarian telescopes into what may appear to be a single instantaneous decision a whole series of logically-connected search steps.


» interrumpir para abreviarcut + Nombre + short .

Example: May I just cut you short, because I've discussed this problem with Peter Jacobs just this week.

» para abreviarto make a long story short .

Example: 'Anyway, to make a long story short, Huish said he knows Lisa has been a little flighty at times'.

Abreviado synonyms

short in spanish: corto, pronunciation: ʃɔrt part of speech: adjective brief in spanish: breve, pronunciation: brif part of speech: adjective truncated in spanish: truncado, pronunciation: trʌŋkeɪtɪd part of speech: adjective shortened in spanish: acortado, pronunciation: ʃɔrtənd part of speech: adjective
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