Abstracto in english


pronunciation: æbstrækt part of speech: adjective, noun
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abstracto = abstract. 

Example: True of adults, this is even more affectively true of children, who cannot yet comprehend in abstract terms.


» arte abstractoabstract artabstraction .

Example: Abstract art has lately been considered out of fashion in the art centers of New York.

Example: Yet photography can participate equally in any of the great schools of contemporary art -- abstraction, surrealism, conceptual art.

» en abstractoabstractly .

Example: The model of an online catalog can be viewed abstractly as a long string of title entries, although this is not the actual arrangement, with every title in the collection being in the string.

» estilo abstractoabstract style .

Example: The author discusses the abstract style and patterns of Norwegian folk art, especially weaving, embroidery, and wood carving.

» idea abstractaabstract idea .

Example: The phenomena studied by disciplines may be either concrete entities, such as adolescent, motor car, dog or diamond or abstract ideas such as love, beauty or hate.

» materialización de algo que es abstractoreification .

Example: This is done using 'reification', a process by which properties are turned into nodes, allowing Property Types to be associated with them.

» materializar Algo que es abstractoreify [Como por ejemplo un atributo (color) o propiedad (dureza) de una cosa] .

Example: Researchers are trained to isolate and reify factors of interest to their own disciplines.

» pensamiento abstractoabstract thought .

Example: At this stage of 'concrete operations' children think in factual terms which are an essential preliminary to abstract and deductive thought.

Abstracto synonyms

hook in spanish: gancho, pronunciation: hʊk part of speech: noun lift in spanish: levantar, pronunciation: lɪft part of speech: verb, noun ideal in spanish: ideal, pronunciation: aɪdil part of speech: adjective, noun outline in spanish: contorno, pronunciation: aʊtlaɪn part of speech: noun, verb sneak in spanish: furtivo, pronunciation: snik part of speech: verb, noun synopsis in spanish: sinopsis, pronunciation: sɪnɑpsɪs part of speech: noun pinch in spanish: pellizco, pronunciation: pɪntʃ part of speech: noun, verb notional in spanish: hipotético, pronunciation: noʊʃənəl part of speech: adjective technical in spanish: técnico, pronunciation: teknɪkəl part of speech: adjective, noun cabbage in spanish: repollo, pronunciation: kæbədʒ part of speech: noun swipe in spanish: golpe fuerte, pronunciation: swaɪp part of speech: noun, verb abstraction in spanish: abstracción, pronunciation: æbstrækʃən part of speech: noun purloin in spanish: hurtar, pronunciation: pɜrlɔɪn part of speech: verb precis in spanish: resumen, pronunciation: preɪsi part of speech: noun pilfer in spanish: robar a, pronunciation: pɪlfɜr part of speech: verb conceptual in spanish: conceptual, pronunciation: kənseptʃuəl part of speech: adjective theoretical in spanish: teórico, pronunciation: θiɜretɪkəl part of speech: adjective filch in spanish: sisar, pronunciation: fɪltʃ part of speech: verb snarf in spanish: snarf, pronunciation: snɑrf part of speech: verb nobble in spanish: ejercer presión sobre, pronunciation: nɑbəl part of speech: verb ideational in spanish: ideacional, pronunciation: aɪdiæʃənəl part of speech: adjective nonrepresentational in spanish: no representacional, pronunciation: nɑnrəprezənteɪʃənəl part of speech: adjective conceptional in spanish: concepcional, pronunciation: kənsepʃənəl part of speech: adjective abstractionist in spanish: abstraccionista, pronunciation: æbstrækʃənɪst part of speech: noun, adjective nonobjective in spanish: no objetivo, pronunciation: nɑnəbdʒektɪv part of speech: adjective nonfigurative in spanish: no figurativo, pronunciation: nɑnfɪgjʊrətɪv part of speech: adjective
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