Abstruso in english


pronunciation: əbstrus part of speech: adjective
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abstruso = abstruse ; recondite. 

Example: Learned papers on the subject, after much abstruse arguing, usually produce definitions, like Faibisoff and Ely's that 'information is a symbol or a set of symbols which has the potential for meaning' which are far from helpful.Example: This is an example of a source -- albeit in this case a highly recondite one -- which will assist with this type of enquiry.

Abstruso synonyms

esoteric in spanish: esotérico, pronunciation: esəterɪk part of speech: adjective deep in spanish: profundo, pronunciation: dip part of speech: adjective recondite in spanish: recóndito, pronunciation: rekəndaɪt part of speech: adjective
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