Abstener in english


pronunciation: əbsteɪn part of speech: verb
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abstenerse = abrogate ; forbear ; abstain ; go + cold turkey ; give it + a miss. 

Example: As a result of undermanning the university's computer centre has abrogated any constructive influence on libraries' choice of computer systems.Example: It was on the tip of his tongue to say: 'Must you speak to me in this uncivilized fashion?' But he discreetly forbore.Example: Under these schemes, voting is disrupted if some voter abstains in the intermediate stages.Example: Judging by the critical responses to the article so far, it looks like the world isn't quite ready to go cold turkey on its religion addiction.Example: We did not find it of much interest and could have happily given it a miss.


» abstenerse derefrain fromabstain fromhold back from .

Example: However, they are also subject to pressure to refrain from altering existing records, as well as to adopt rules which can be interpreted consistently by all.

Example: They learn to accept that things are done differently in different places and to abstain from passing a value judgment about such differences.

Example: Belarusian citizens have been asked to hold back from trips to Tunisia until the situation normalises.

Abstener synonyms

refrain in spanish: estribillo, pronunciation: rɪfreɪn part of speech: verb, noun desist in spanish: desistir, pronunciation: dɪsɪst part of speech: verb
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