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pronunciation: əbʌndəns part of speech: noun
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abundancia = abundance ; profusion ; plenty ; bounty ; richness ; copiousness. 

Example: However, out of the enormous abundance of information produced, only 50% is new while the rest is redundant.Example: This article explains the necessity today for instructing readers in the use of biomedical libraries, justified by the profusion of publications and the introduction of electronic information devices.Example: And they are coming after years of comparative plenty, with the expectant attitudes generated by such plenty another force with which to contend.Example: The article 'Nature's bounty: a vegetarian cookbook primer' reviews vegetarian cookbooks for purposes of collection development in the area.Example: In 1972 Hans Wellisch discussed the inadequacy of LC's subject cataloging and the failure of LC to rectify this inadequacy by taking full advantage of the richness of the MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloging) format.Example: He immerses us in 'language that is unique for its copiousness,' now speaking 'of exquisite intimations that can occur only in a half-light,' then babbling 'of chamber-pots, leg-irons, factories and policemen'.


» abundancia de pelohair coat .

Example: West African indigenous pigs are black, white, black and white or pied in colour with well developed hair coat and erect ears.

» aparecer en abundanciacome out of + the woodworkcrawl out of + the woodwork [Sinónimo de come out of the woodwork] .

Example: And I'm sure there's plenty more unknowns or 'brand-news' yet to come out of the woodwork.

Example: Summer vacation is the time for scammers to crawl out of the woodwork.

» caer en abundanciarain .

Example: They usually come to Israel each year to study or work, but this time found themselves instead scurrying for cover as Hamas rained missiles on Israel.

» contener en abundanciaabound in/with .

Example: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed'.

» dar en abudanciarain .

Example: They usually come to Israel each year to study or work, but this time found themselves instead scurrying for cover as Hamas rained missiles on Israel.

» en abundaciaenough to sink a (battle)ship .

Example: The evening kicked off with drinks at the bar and enough food to sink a ship, so stomachs were lined for what lay ahead.

» en abundanciain plentyliberallyin abundanceexuberantlyin profusionaplenty [a-plenty]prodigiouslyplentifullygalorein great numberscoming out of + Posesivo + ears .

Example: Power supply requirements although needed in plenty as suggested before are normally quite basic.

Example: Normal telephones should be liberally supplied although shared lines are feasible.

Example: Concerned, thoughtful, supportive, humorous -- all those traits lacking from the present boss he has in abundance.

Example: With few exceptions the new display types, which proliferated exuberantly during the first quarter of the century, were of three basic varieties.

Example: In fact, in recent years especially, exotic forms of bibliography have been spawned in profusion in Britain, North America and Western Europe.

Example: The article 'CD-ROM licenses: pitfalls aplenty!' advises how to deal with the licenses which subscribers are required to sign on purchase of CD-ROM products for use in libraries = El artículo "Las licencias de CD-ROM: ¡dificultades a montón!" aconseja cómo negociar las licencias que los suscriptores tienen que firmar al comprar productos CD-ROM para uso en la biblioteca.

Example: These nocturnal rampages by gangs of werewolves included chasing women, eating prodigiously, being splattered with mud, and caterwauling generally.

Example: They use indigenous plants that grow wild and plentifully near their homes.

Example: There have been promises galore made to delegation after delegation of the film industry, but all the promises have been just promises, hollow and empty.

Example: Many believed that this sea star was a pest species invading the coral reef habitat predating on and killing corals in great numbers.

Example: But the American man and woman on the street -- the ones with two kids, a mortgage and bills coming out of their ears -- stand powerless as their jobs vanish.

» encontrar en abundanciafind + in abundance .

Example: Non-musical sound recordings are to be found in abundance covering such items as poetry readings, plays, children's stories and 'talking books' for the blind.

» lanzar en abundanciarain .

Example: They usually come to Israel each year to study or work, but this time found themselves instead scurrying for cover as Hamas rained missiles on Israel.

» la tierra de la abundanciathe land of plenty .

Example: The US is the land of plenty and one of the world's richest countries, but it has a serious and growing problem of homelessness.

» paradoja de la abundancia, laparadox of plenty, the [Expresión usada para referirse a aquellos países que aun siendo ricos en recursos naturales son pobres en cuestiones sociales, educativas, económicas, etc] .

Example: Equatorial Guinea struck oil in 1995 and is usually cited as a textbook case of the resource curse -- or the paradox of plenty.

» producir en abundanciachurn outknock out .

Example: So many books and articles are churned out about the top administrator's responsibilities toward staff.

Example: He doesn't really have a passion for writing anymore, but he keeps going, knocking out books regular as clockwork to keep that steady paycheck coming in.

» superabundanciaoverproliferation  ; overabundance  ; superabundanceoversupply [over-supply]glut .

Example: Once inside the user should be aware of the location and route of the principal elements of the building without an overproliferation of signs and direction boards.

Example: They lack an understanding of an empathy with the character, and are hampered by an overabundance of unimportant detail.

Example: Given that within the superabundance of information there are subject gaps, this paper looks at the responsibility of the information worker in transmitting 'facts'.

Example: The worldwide oversupply of offshore drilling rigs has decreased rapidly in the past six years.

Example: Almost no one is publishing literary criticism and yet a glut of self-help titles are published every year.

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copiousness in spanish: abundancia, pronunciation: koʊpiəsnəs part of speech: noun
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