Abundante in english


pronunciation: əbʌndənt part of speech: adjective
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abundante = abundant ; generous ; lavish ; plentiful ; rampant ; copious ; bountiful ; fullsome ; rife ; liberal ; hearty ; unstinting ; fulsome ; profuse. 

Example: There exists a failure to recognize new topics, or a failure to recognize them until it's almost ridiculously too late, that is, after there has been abundant literary warrant for them.Example: Many libraries have built I & R services into their budgets on a fairly generous scale.Example: Library staffing levels were lavish and opening hours long.Example: Information will become more affordable, accessible, and plentiful.Example: And so, the public library was conceived as a deterrent to irresponsibility, intemperance, and rampant democracy.Example: A copious influx of foreign capital and management and immigrant labour ensured a growing economy, with full employment and very little inflation.Example: Telecommuting brings bountiful benefits to information industry employers and employees.Example: Access should be quick and fullsome.Example: Chances for advancement were slim, and disillusionment at the lack of encouragement to participate in professional activities outside the job was rife.Example: It is quite true that the liberal use of crossreferences can overcome these problems.Example: Replies indicated a hearty support for the role of the library but little knowledge of its importance to them.Example: The revolutionary people of the world are unstinting in their praise.Example: She was strangely attractive, though dressed in fulsome black, a veil over head and face.Example: It can produce watery diarrhoea that is very profuse and this can rapidly lead to severe dehydration and death.


» abundante en excesolavish .

Example: Library staffing levels were lavish and opening hours long.

» abundante en TIIT-rich .

Example: The article 'Keeping your ear to the ground' discusses the skills and knowledge information professionals need to have in today's IT-rich climate.

» con abundantes doradosheavily gilt .

Example: A good many heavily gilt retailers' bindings (such as the small English devotional books that were sold in large numbers from the 1560s until the later seventeenth century) were indeed intended to look expensive while really being cheaply executed.

» freír en aceite abundantedeep-fry [De modo que los alimentos están sumergidos en el aceite] .

Example: Findings relate exposure to cooking oil fumes to lung cancer, particularly in people who commonly stir-fry or deep-fry foods at high temperature.

» frito en abundante aceitedeep-fried .

Example: While I do enjoy some deep-fried foods (chicken, doughnuts, French fries), I think there are some foods that are better left alone.

» lavar con agua abudantesluice .

Example: Depleted uranium must be added to the tanks to dilute the isotopic ratio of the contents before they can be sluiced.

» nubosidad abundantethick cloud .

Example: Orange County should see its coolest day of the week Friday with thick clouds promising light rain.

» poco abundantelight [lighter -comp., lightest -sup.]  .

Example: Light use of library information resources raises the concern that students are developing an inadequate base of retrieval skills for finding information on new procedures, diseases and drugs.

» superabudanteoverabundant  .

Example: He contends, however, that the seemingly formless, overabundant, inchoate texture of the novel might also suggest a valid mode for the novelization of slavery.

Abundante synonyms

easy in spanish: fácil, pronunciation: izi part of speech: adjective long in spanish: largo, pronunciation: lɔŋ part of speech: adjective, adverb rife in spanish: abundante, pronunciation: raɪf part of speech: adjective rank in spanish: rango, pronunciation: ræŋk part of speech: noun rich in spanish: Rico, pronunciation: rɪtʃ part of speech: adjective extensive in spanish: extenso, pronunciation: ɪkstensɪv part of speech: adjective lush in spanish: lozano, pronunciation: lʌʃ part of speech: adjective exuberant in spanish: exuberante, pronunciation: ɪgzubɜrənt part of speech: adjective ample in spanish: amplio, pronunciation: æmpəl part of speech: adjective copious in spanish: copioso, pronunciation: koʊpiəs part of speech: adjective thick in spanish: grueso, pronunciation: θɪk part of speech: adjective profuse in spanish: profuso, pronunciation: prəfjus part of speech: adjective teeming in spanish: repleto, pronunciation: timɪŋ part of speech: adjective bumper in spanish: parachoque, pronunciation: bʌmpɜr part of speech: noun plentiful in spanish: abundante, pronunciation: plentəfəl part of speech: adjective riotous in spanish: desenfrenado, pronunciation: raɪətəs part of speech: adjective luxuriant in spanish: exuberante, pronunciation: ləgʒɜriənt part of speech: adjective torrential in spanish: torrencial, pronunciation: tɔrentʃəl part of speech: adjective abounding in spanish: abundando, pronunciation: əbaʊndɪŋ part of speech: adjective plethoric in spanish: pletórico, pronunciation: pleθɜrɪk part of speech: adjective plenteous in spanish: abundante, pronunciation: plentiəs part of speech: adjective swarming in spanish: enjambre, pronunciation: swɔrmɪŋ part of speech: adjective overabundant in spanish: sobreabundante, pronunciation: oʊvɜrəbəndənt part of speech: adjective superabundant in spanish: superabundante, pronunciation: suprəbʌndənt part of speech: adjective
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