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pronunciation: eɪlmənt part of speech: noun
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achacar = attribute. 

Example: Subrules of 21.4 deal, for instance, with works erroneously or fictitiously attributed to a person or corporate body, and official communications.


» achacar Algoset + it down that .

Example: Whenever you see a librarian himself forced to make a passionate plea for funds, you may set it down that in that community there exists an imbalance of function.

» achacar Algo aput + Nombre + down to .

Example: This put the matter down to the work of a marginal fringe of hotheads & lunatics.

» achacar la culpa alay + the blame onput + the blame onlay + the blame at + Posesivo + door .

Example: And he lay the blame for the attack fair and square on the shoulders of the US president George W. Bush and the French president.

Example: They should take full responsibility for their own actions and not seek to put the blame on others.

Example: Although our goalkeepers let it two goals, no blame could and should be laid at their door.

» achacarse abe down to .

Example: A study of 2047 papers on PubMed finds that two-thirds of retracted papers were down to scientific misconduct, not error.

achaque = niggling ; niggle ; lurgy ; ailment ; affliction ; medical complaint. 

Example: While there are no significant injury worries to speak of, there is no doubt both sides have a number of players with general soreness and niggling.Example: Wilson was limping around so he must have picked up a knock or aggravated a niggle that he already had.Example: Although I am back to eating at pre lurgy level and am back to my normal weight I am still so devoid of energy!.Example: In the two years that followed Woodforde had various other ailments, including an inflammation of the eyelid.Example: In the Netherlands there are currently some 20,000 sufferers from this affliction.Example: Medical complaints might be quite non-specific, as in the child with complaints of recurrent abdominal pain or headaches.


» achaquesaches and pains .

Example: Last year I did not prefer cushioned running shoes, but now I'm a year older with new aches and pains, so I want a shoe with added support.

» con el achaque deunder the pretext of [También escrito on the pretext of]on the pretext of [También escrito under the pretext of]with the excuse of .

Example: Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the US is expanding the empire to dominate Africa.

Example: We are firmly opposed to the superpowers subjecting other countries to their control and plunder on the pretext of improving the human environment.

Example: When he left the band, he did so with the excuse of leaving to spend time with his family and tend his garden.

» maldito achaquedreaded lurgy, the .

Example: We have all had the dreaded lurgy, one after the other -- first Amelie, then Charlie, then Han and now me.

Achaque synonyms

complaint in spanish: queja, pronunciation: kəmpleɪnt part of speech: noun ill in spanish: enfermo, pronunciation: ɪl part of speech: adjective
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