Achicharrante in english


pronunciation: əkɪtʃærɑnti part of speech: none
In gestures

achicharrante = scorching ; baking hot ; piping hot. 

Example: It is widely known that black robes help the Bedouins to keep cool in the scorching heat of the desert.Example: He slept on a camp bed in the baking hot room between 12-hour shifts and survived on leftovers brought to him by friendly chefs.Example: The monks then add milk and salt to taste and piping hot Tibetan tea is ready to serve.


» calor achicharrantescorching heatblistering heatsearing heat .

Example: With scorching heat from above and hard labour in the fields, Mirza Kak felt pangs of hunger.

Example: Normally snow-covered in winter, the mountain range is bare now but offers some welcome shade from the blistering sun.

Example: As the searing heat in the region continues, wildlife's struggle for survival becomes more difficult each day.
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