Achicado in english


pronunciation: əkɪkɑdoʊ part of speech: none
In gestures

achicar = make + small(er). 

Example: She said that she loves her breasts and that it is not true that she wants to make them smaller to look better in her wedding dress.


» achicar aguabale out + waterbail + water [Escrito bale en inglés americano] .

Example: The trouble was that more water was coming in than was being baled out.

Example: The drain holes in many lifeboats were without stoppers, so that passengers had to constantly bail water.

» achicarsewimpwimp out (on)chicken out (on/of)funkget + small(er)lose + Posesivo + bottle .

Example: He regards David Jull's unwillingness to take up such a proposal as an early indication that John Howard and his colleagues are wimping.

Example: The main reason he wimped out was that he had a cheap bike that didn't gear properly, and made it extremely hard to bike efficiently.

Example: So basically they are chickening out of the debate.

Example: Although he did not admit it, I could see that he funked going out there alone.

Example: A new study has found that human brains get smaller with age.

Example: She is alleged to have said she intended to leave home but at the last minute 'lost her bottle' .
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