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pronunciation: part of speech: adjective
In gestures

1st (first) = 1º (primero). 

Example: In all, more than 230 papers were presented at the 1st 6 colloquia.

first (1st) = primero (1º). 

Example: The first objective, however, is best satisfied by the second policy.


» a first and last time = una primera y última vez.

Example: There's a first and last time for everything.

» as a first preference = como primera elección, preferentemente.

Example: And the number of women choosing technology as a first preference has dropped 65 percent since 2001.

» at first = al principio, en principio.

Example: The style of recording instructions for references differs from that in Sears', and can at first seem strange, but instructions are clear.

» at first blush = a primera vista.

Example: At first blush, nothing seemed particularly ominous about the formation of the ad hoc committee.

» at first hand = de primera mano.

Example: These enable students to work through the scheme largely on their own and thus to gain at first hand a reasonable appreciation of the structure and mode of use.

» at first sight = a primera vista, de primeras.

Example: At first sight, there seems to be no good reason to distinguish between telecommunication networks and data networks.

» at the first chance = a la primera oportunidad, en la primera oportunidad, a la primera de cambio.

Example: If she is not there, leave a message and she will return your call at the first chance.

» at the first opportunity = a la primera oportunidad, en la primera oportunidad, a la primera de cambio.

Example: If you have a history of sinusitis or chest problems following a previous bout of flu, take a garlic supplement at the first opportunity.

» at the first shot = con el primer intento.

Example: In such conditions it is a matter of pure luck if the reader hits the bull's eye at the first shot.

» at the first sign of = a la primera señal de, al primer indicio de.

Example: She washed her hands of him at the first sign of controversy.

» be (the) first to mind = ser lo primero que + ocurrir + a Alguien, ser lo primero que + venir + a la mente, ser lo primero en lo que + pensar, ser la primera opción.

Example: Renting is the first to mind and probably the option that most of us can readily afford, short of living with your folks until they kick you out.

» cause + a good (first) impression = causar una buena (primera) impresión.

Example: As a photographer I'm the first to know how much great executive headshots can cause a good impression.

» come in + first = llegar (el) primero, acabar (el) primero, finalizar (el) primero, terminar (el) primero.

Example: Of course, like any marathon you'll have the ones that come in first; only to be followed by the stragglers, an hour later.

» come in + first place = llegar en primer lugar, acabar en primer lugar, finalizar en primer lugar, terminar en primer lugar.

Example: The girls team came in first place overall in points.

» feet-first = de pie, con los pies por delante, con los pies primero.

Example: At the time of birth, about 60 percent of puppies are positioned in the uterus to come out head-first; the other 40 percent come out feet-first.

» finish + first = llegar (el) primero, acabar (el) primero, finalizar (el) primero, terminar (el) primero.

Example: She finished first at last, for a split second.

» finish in + first place = llegar en primer lugar, acabar en primer lugar, finalizar en primer lugar, terminar en primer lugar.

Example: After three weeks of online voting by the general public, they finished in first place with almost 30% more votes than their closest competitor.

» first-aid = primeros auxilios.

Example: Consider the following document, 'Essential first-aid for the tourist', Do you think that 'first-aid' is here a subject concept?.

» first aider = encargado de prestar los primeros auxilios, socorrista.

Example: The ambulance service has put first aiders on bikes in an attempt to beat the city's traffic and save lives.

» First Amendment, the = Primera Enmienda, la. [Primera ley de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos que garantiza la libertad expresión, religión, reunión, etc]

Example: Publicly supported library service in the USA is based upon the First Amendment right of free expression.

» first among equals = primero entre pares.

Example: The article is entitled 'First among equals: the leadership role of the National Library of Australia'.

» first and foremost = en primer lugar, ante todo, primordialmente, primero que nada, antes que nada.

Example: First and foremost, readers have to instructed on how to use the sources of information.

» first and foremost = primero y principal.

Example: The first and foremost task is to provide factual information and to make it available to all.

» first-blush = a primera vista, de primeras.

Example: The first-blush reaction to their astonishing long-term strategy for achieving national energy independence is that they must be joking.

» firstborn = primogénito.

Example: Middleborns tend to be less family-oriented than firstborns or lastborns.

» first class = de primera clase, de pata negra.

Example: The preparation of a critical abstract requires first class abstracting skills.

» first cold press = primera prensada.

Example: The term 'first cold press' hearkens back to the traditional method, where the best oil came from the first pressing; subsequent pressings release more oil, but of inferior quality.

» first communion = primera comunión.

Example: Among his topics are how he gagged on the Host on the occasion of his first communion, his marriage to a Lutheran, and the oppressive history of Roman Catholicism.

» first cousin = primo hermano, primo carnal.

Example: For the most part in Latin America, people consider cousin relationship to be incestuous only if they are first cousins, second cousins and onwards are not subject to this taboo.

» first date = primera cita.

Example: What is the protocol these days when it comes to paying the check on a first date (dinner, movie, coffee, etc.)?.

» first degree = diplomatura.

Example: Many of these latter types of courses are intended to serve as conversion or re-orientation courses for people with first degree in related subject areas.

» First Division, the = Primera División, la.

Example: New fixtures for the rest of the season have been issued along with some changes in the First Division.

» first ever = primerísimo, primer.

Example: In April 1993 the first ever computer crime legislation came into existence in Hong Kong.

» first grade = primer curso.

Example: The Porter Public Library houses an all out effort to reach first and second grade pupils who have lost their enthusiasm for school because of falling behind in reading.

» first grader = alumno de primer curso, alumno de primer año, alumno de primero.

Example: She was the mother of a precocious first grader named Steven.

» first half, the = primer tiempo, el; primera mitad, la.

Example: Having been kept scoreless during the first half, Wales came out after the break and began scoring.

» first-hand [firsthand] = de primera mano.

Example: This work also included a literature search and first-hand observation of library information services.

» first impression = primera impresión.

Example: Perception now being more important than substance, the author considers first impressions given by library brochures or the visual impact of web pages.

» first initial = inicial del primer nombre de pila.

Example: To search for a publication by its author, enter the author's last name, a comma, first initial if known, followed by a backslash (\).

» First Lady = Primera Dama, la.

Example: Last week, First Lady Laura Bush held the fourth in her series of White House literary soirees.

» first leg = encuentro de ida, partido de ida, primera manga.

Example: Second qualifying round first legs to be played July 30, second legs to be played on August 6.

» first-level = de primer nivel.

Example: $21 is the code for a 'lead' space generating preceding difference, which is a first-level difference (i.e. it applies directly to the focus).

» first-level bibliographic description = descripción bibliográfica de primer nivel.

Example: Output approximates to first-level bibliographic description as defined in Anglo American Cataloguing Rules.

» first-line = de primera línea, en primera línea.

Example: Moisturising creams are first-line agents in the management of eczema.

» first line of defence = primera línea de defensa, la.

Example: The obvious first line of defence is for librarians, agents and journal publishers to join forces to point up the decline in library provision.

» first milk = calostro.

Example: First milk (beestings) of cows fed on a nitrate nitrogen diet had lower concentration of carotenes, retinol and gamma-globulin.

» first minister = ministro principal. [En el Reino Unido, principal autoridad de las regiones administrivas de Escocia, Irlanda del Norte y País de Gales ]

Example: The head of the group representing Catholic school principals in Northern Ireland accuses the first minister of rabble rousing.

» first molar = primer molar permanente.

Example: So much so that my canines (or eye-teeth, they're the pointy ones) ended up growing over my incisors/first molars rather than between them.

» first mover = primero en tomar la iniciativa, primero en hacer Algo.

Example: The proliferation of small firms in the 1970s cannot properly be understood except in relation to the dominance of first movers.

» first name = nombre de pila.

Example: Do not use your first name, last name, or initials as a password, since this information is easily guessed by an unauthorized person.

» First Nations = Primeras Naciones, naciones originarias de Canadá .

Example: Two-spirited is a First Nations term for individuals who are considered to be neither women nor men.

» first of all = lo primero de todo, en principio, antes que nada, ante todo.

Example: First of all we will consider the main schedules or 'main tables', so turn to page 26 of the scheme where you will find an outline of the main divisions of these schedules.

» first off = en primer lugar, primero que nada, lo primero de todo, antes que nada, antes de todo, lo primero, al empezar, para empezar, para comenzar.

Example: First off, Pat said it wasn't her who complained.

» first of its kind, the = primero de su clase, el.

Example: The first of its kind, this exhibition aims to raise public awareness about environmental crimes that affect people's livelihood, the global economy as well as the world's ecosystems.

» first-order [1st-order] = de primer orden.

Example: Ranganathan defines main class: 'any class enumerated in the first-order array of a scheme of classification of the universe of knowledge'.

» first person = primera persona.

Example: This article rests on field experience and is written in part in the first person.

» first-person = de primera persona, de primera mano.

Example: The article is entitled 'On the nets and on the streets: a first-person report of the Soviet coup' = El artículo se titula "En las redes y en las calles: un informe de primera mano del golpe de estado soviético' .

» first place = primer lugar, primera posición.

Example: When people think of cross-country running, they often picture a group of skinny people sweating profusely as they compete for first place.

» first port of call, the = primer punto de contacto, el.

Example: LISA is generally the first port of call for both information researcher and information science student.

» first post, the = retreta.

Example: The 'first post' was sounded when the duty officer started his rounds and, as the party proceeded from post to post, a drum was played.

» first-rate = de primera clase, de primera calidad, de primera, de calidad, de pata negra.

Example: She has been a vital and energetic voice in the movement to increase the sensitivity and responsibility of libraries to social issues, as well as a first-rate cataloger.

» first recourse = primer recurso.

Example: As a first recourse this catalogue can often be very effective.

» first runner up = segundo finalista, subcampeón.

Example: She was the first runner up in the 1st Canadian Library Journal Student Article Contest.

» Posesivo + first steps = Posesivo + primeros pinitos, Posesivo + primeros pasos.

Example: They have provided the information needed to assist online students in their first steps.

» first stop = primera parada, primer lugar de consulta, primera referencia.

Example: I don't know how much you already know about it, but your first stop should be the FEMTI website.

» first thing in the morning = a primera hora de la mañana.

Example: O'Brien prevailed upon them to stay that night with the promise that she would take the matter up with Modjeski first thing in the morning.

» first thing + Período del Día = a primera hora de + Período del Día.

Example: I spoke to him first thing this morning when I met him at nine in the foyer.

» first things first = hay que empezar por el principio, lo primero es lo primero, vayamos por partes, primero lo más importante.

Example: There are so many things to see and do once you arrive in Honolulu, but first things first, get to your hotel and relax!.

» first things must come first = hay que empezar por el principio, lo primero es lo primero, vayamos por partes, primero lo más importante.

Example: My main argument on this occasion is to say in effect that first things must come first.

» first thing, the = primero, lo. [Expresión normalmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: The first thing to do was to think of a suitable acronym, and DIANE was chosen: Direct Information Access Network for Europe.

» first-time = primerizo. [Adjetivo]

Example: Ideally, this reference manual should provide step-by-step guidance for the non-technical, first-time user.

» first-timer = primerizo, novato.

Example: The article has the title 'Penmanship: impressions of a first-timer'.

» first time, the = primera vez, la. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: If this is the first time you are using DOBIS/LIBIS the field for your password is empty and you should skip over it by pressing the tabulator key once again.

» first up = en primer lugar, primero que nada, lo primero de todo, antes que nada, antes de todo, lo primero, al empezar, para empezar, para comenzar.

Example: First up, to make a change, you must enrol to vote.

» first + Verbo = por primera vez.

Example: The concept of corporate authorship was first formulated in the BM code and has been adopted in all subsequent English language codes.

» first world = de un país desarrollado.

Example: In short, South Africa offers every facility and opportunity a traveller could want, all accompanied by the luxury of first world sophistication.

» first world country = país del primer mundo, país desarrollado.

Example: Many first world countries have by law 3-4 weeks of vacation per year, minimum.

» first-world nation = país desarrollado.

Example: But the real challenge to get it started is first to find the measures that can assuage the fear of the first-world nations.

» First World War, the (World War I) = Primera Guerra Mundial, la.

Example: The costs of printing after the First World War account in part for the decline of the printed catalogue.

» first year = estudiante universitario de primer año.

Example: They have a mentoring system in place whereby older students take some responsibility for first years within the induction week.

» first-year student = estudiante universitario de primer año.

Example: One wondered, did daring first-year students lose their nerve at the last minute and kneel as evidence that their audacity in approaching this 'holy of holies' was tempered by the proper reverence?.

» for the first time = por primera vez.

Example: No two instructors will follow the same pattern in introducing a case to a group for the first time.

» from the first day = desde el primer día.

Example: A woman's monthly cycle is measured from the first day of her menstrual period until the first day of her next period.

» head-first = de cabeza, con la cabeza por delante, con la cabeza primero.

Example: At the time of birth, about 60 percent of puppies are positioned in the uterus to come out head-first; the other 40 percent come out feet-first.

» hire on a first-come, first-take basis = contratar al primero que solicita el trabajo.

Example: He explained to the selectman that pages were hired on a 'first-come, first-take' basis.

» in the first degree = de primer grado.

Example: Stroud was convicted in May, 1916, of murder in the first degree, and sentenced to be hanged.

» in the first instance = en primer lugar, en primera instancia.

Example: The latest plan involves placing terminals into doctors' surgeries where they will be used, in the first instance, to report on observed side-effects of prescription drugs.

» in the first place = en primer lugar, para empezar, para comenzar.

Example: In the first place, the eligible population of the community is the library's public only in a legal sense, certainly not in a substantive socio-psychological sense.

» leave + feet first = salir con los pies por delante, sacar con los pies por delante, llevar con los pies por delante, estirar la pata, morder el polvo, irse al otro bario, morir, palmarla, espicharla, diñarla, pasar a mejor vida.

Example: We come into this world head first and leave feet first -- everything in between is a matter of balance.

» love at first sight = amor a primera vista, flechazo.

Example: This shows how quickly he lost his heart to his beloved, and that he believes in love at first sight.

» make + a first impression = causar una primera impresión.

Example: According to an old saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression = Según un antiguo dicho, nunca se tiene una seguna oportunidad para causar una primera impresión.

» make + a good first impression = causar una buena (primera) impresión, dar una buena (primera) impresión.

Example: Also, using proper grammar when speaking and avoiding slang is expected if you are to make a good first impression.

» make + the first move = dar el primer paso, tomar la iniciativa.

Example: Times have changed and women no longer are expected to wait for a man they're interested in to make the first move.

» nonfirst [non-first] = que no aparece en primer lugar.

Example: The contributions of nonfirst authors varied greatly within and among papers.

» not know the first thing about = no tener ni idea sobre Algo, desconocer totalmente Algo, no tener ni puta idea sobre Algo, no tener ni pajolera idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puñetera idea sobre Algo.

Example: The article is entitled 'We don't know the first thing about digitization: Assessing the Need for Digitization Training'.

» on a first come first served basis = según vayan llegando, por orden de llegada.

Example: Due to differing publication times in the various countries it is impossible to maintain a common update period and the documents on any disc are included on a first come first served basis.

» on first acquaintance = a primera vista.

Example: This definitely one of its strengths, even if the schedules may seem a little daunting on first acquaintance.

» on first inspection = a primera vista.

Example: On first inspection it may appear that the words used in indexes to represent concepts can merely be determined by considering normal usage.

» on first thought = a simple vista.

Example: On first thought, it might appear that an author would be the best person to write the abstract, since presumably he or she knows more about the paper than anybody else.

» port of first call = primer punto de contacto.

Example: These information centres function as ports of first call for officials stationed nearby, and also as relay points to the central collections.

» proceeding in the first instance = proceso en primera instancia.

Example: Enter the official proceedings and records of appeal proceedings in the same way as the proceedings in the first instance.

» since the first day = desde el primer día.

Example: I've been waiting for summer vacation since the first day of school.

» stand + first = ocupar un primer lugar.

Example: By virtue of standing an easy first among the libraries of the region -- first in size of collection, first in financial support, and first in that mysterious quality known as 'excellence' -- Dorado was asked to assume the role.

» take + first place = terminar primero, quedar primero, acabar primero, llegar primero.

Example: The 400m relay team took first place in another photo finish.

» take + first place = ser lo primero, ser lo más importante.

Example: Variety of products, good quality, competetive prices take first place for us.

» take + the first step = dar el primer paso, hacer los primeros pinitos.

Example: If you would like to become a doer, this section aims to help you take the first steps.

» the first cut is the deepest = el primer desengaño amoroso nunca se olvida.

Example: First love is special, so sweet...but the first cut is the deepest, so they say.

» the first few times = las primeras veces.

Example: It was funny the first few times you said it, now it's annoying.

» the first snow = las primeras nieves.

Example: Some people call juncoes 'snowbirds' because they arrive with the first snow.

» the first time = la primera vez.

Example: I didn't really fancy the traditional skiing but got hooked the first time I saw anyone on a wakeboard.

» the first time around = la primera vez, el primer intento, la primera tentativa.

Example: Because your uterus has already been down this road before, and your abdominal muscles might not be as taut as they were the first time around, your second pregnancy will start showing sooner.

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