2nd in spanish


pronunciation: doʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

2nd (second) = 2º (segundo). 

Example: The subject of AIDS was chosen for the 1st study and family/genetic studies of cleft lip and palate for the 2nd.

second (2nd)1 = segundo (2º). 

Example: The second part of this volume combines the proceedings of the two 1977 institutes held in New York and Los Angeles.


» a second opinion = una segunda opinión, la opinión de otra persona, el consejo de otra persona.

Example: Find out why you need a second opinion, when to get a second opinion, and why it may be a matter of life and death.

» a second time = una segunda vez, por segunda vez.

Example: The system will ask you to enter the new password a second time to help guard against keying errors.

» a second time around = una segunda vez, por segunda vez.

Example: Will Fiat fare better a second time around in US market?.

» ask for + a second opinion = consultar con otro experto, consultar con otro especialista.

Example: Some are worried that their doctor will get offended if they ask for a second opinion, and the one thing patients don't want to do is to upset their doctor.

» be second nature to + Pronombre = ser algo natural para, venir instintivamente a, venir por naturaleza a.

Example: For such a task the librarian is particularly well fitted by his professional education: bringing to bear the great analytical power of classification should be second nature to him.

» be second only to = verse superado sólo por, ser superado sólo por.

Example: Wood is not only a supremely abundant raw material, but it can also be made into a product which is second only to pure rag paper for appearance, strength, and durability.

» be second to none = no tener rival, ser el primero.

Example: The rate of growth in Australian data base activity is second to none in the world.

» come in + a poor second = quedar en segundo plano.

Example: If the library is not to come in a poor second to such 'basic' or 'essential' services as police and garbage collection, the library's services must also be regarded as 'essential'.

» come in + second = llegar (el) segundo, acabar (el) segundo, finalizar (el) segundo, terminar (el) segundo.

Example: They came in second with 71 medals (22 gold).

» come in + second place = llegar en segundo lugar, acabar en segundo lugar, finalizar en segundo lugar, terminar en segundo lugar.

Example: They came in second place in the 2003 season.

» come off + second-best = quedar segundo, acabar segundo, terminar segundo.

Example: The Americana tends to come off second-best in just about every evaluative test (size, readability, accessibility, up-to-dateness, prestige, etc.).

» ESL (English as a Second Language) = ESL (Inglés como Segunda Lengua).

Example: The similarities in narrative style, the emphasis on incident and the use of colourful themes such as the supernatural, horror and fantasy, enable Chinese ESL (English-as-a-second-language) readers to identify with these novels.

» finish in + second place = llegar en segundo lugar, acabar en segundo lugar, finalizar en segundo lugar, terminar en segundo lugar.

Example: Their women's team finished in second place only behind the University of Mary who posted 21 team points.

» finish + second = llegar (el) segundo, acabar (el) segundo, finalizar (el) segundo, terminar (el) segundo.

Example: As the 2000 season closed they finished second in the nation, winning 85 consecutive matches.

» for a/the second time = una segunda vez, por segunda vez.

Example: After getting back on course the difficulties continued when she went off course for a second time and her bike became entangled in a fence.

» get + a second chance = tener una segunda oportunidad, disponer de una segunda oportunidad.

Example: According to an old saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression = Según un antiguo dicho, nunca se tiene una seguna oportunidad para causar una primera impresión.

» get + a second opinion = consultar con otro experto, consultar con otro especialista.

Example: Find out why you need a second opinion, when to get a second opinion, and why it may be a matter of life and death.

» get + a second wind = recuperarse, resurgir, recobrar energía.

Example: Although you may get a second wind with the rising of the sun, the longer you stay up, the more your condition deteriorates.

» give + a second chance = dar una segunda oportunidad.

Example: If their answer is incorrect, they are given a second chance.

» give + a second life = resucitar, recuperar, dar nueva vida, dar una segunda vida.

Example: This book will show you how to give a second life to everything from plastic containers to bubble wrap to pantyhose and more.

» give it + a second thought = pensárselo dos veces, vacilar, dudar.

Example: If I had known it would be like this I might have given it a second thought.

» have + a second chance = tener una segunda oportunidad.

Example: Individuals who have gone afoul of the law should have and must have a second chance.

» have + a second string to + Posesivo + bow = tener una segunda habilidad, tener una segunda destreza.

Example: After school she was employed for many years as a secretary but she had a second string to her bow as a presenter on a radio station.

» have + second thoughts = plantearse dudas, dudar.

Example: We can then have second thoughts, and possibly arrive at a more suitable form of truncation.

» hear + second-hand = oír por segundas personas.

Example: I'm only reporting to you what I've heard second-hand.

» in the second degree = de segundo grado.

Example: Making a false statement in this sworn affidavit will be punishable under the criminal laws of Colorado as perjury in the second degree.

» in the second place = en segundo lugar.

Example: European companies target European markets and, in the second place, North America.

» on second thought(s) = pensándolo mejor, pensándolo bien.

Example: I found that a little odd at first but, on second thought, it dawned on me that there could be something here worth giving a thought about.

» play + second fiddle = desempeñar un papel secundario, ser el segundo de a bordo.

Example: His classification was an attempt to adapt knowledge to the decimal pattern, and ideas had to play second fiddle; which is not a formula for efficient classification or a model for others.

» second banana = actor secundario, segundo de abordo.

Example: I don't mean to oversimplify life, but on some days it seems to me that society divides into two categories: the top bananas and the second bananas.

» second-best [2nd-best] = de segunda calidad.

Example: Librarians should view teenage romances not as a 2nd-best literature but as valuable books in themselves.

» second-best [2nd-best] = segundo, en segundo lugar.

Example: In three weeks one could become the second best authority on any subject, given access to a decent library with a good librarian.

» second-biggest + Nombre, the = segundo + Nombre + más grande, el.

Example: A diamond almost as large as a tennis ball has been found in Botswana -- the second biggest ever unearthed.

» second-class = de segunda clase.

Example: Why is it considered 'second class' to be living in a flat rather than a house?.

» second cousin = primo segundo.

Example: For the most part in Latin America, people consider cousin relationship to be incestuous only if they are first cousins, second cousins and onwards are not subject to this taboo.

» second-degree = de segundo grado.

Example: The next morning I wasn't sore at all (since I had taken it easy) but both Jason and I had second-degree sun and wind burns.

» second edition = segunda edición.

Example: At different times Ms. Hinton has used revision, redraft, rewrite, new edition, revised edition, and second edition.

» second from (the) bottom = penúltimo, segundo por la cola.

Example: They are second from bottom with 20 points from 22 matches.

» second from (the) top = segundo, segundo por arriba.

Example: Draw a vertical line that goes from the leftmost point of the horizontal line that is second from the top to the bottommost horizontal line.

» second-generation = de segunda generación.

Example: Most second-generation on-line catalogues give libraries some capability to customise help messages, screen displays, and system prompts.

» second grade = segundo curso.

Example: After the second grade, the growth rate in the number of articles read slows but continues to increase, with the exception of a dip at the fifth grade.

» second-guess [secondguess] = anticiparse a, adelantarse a, adivinar.

Example: This does not imply that the abstractor becomes a publication referee, trying to second-guess decisions already made by editors.

» second half, the = segundo tiempo, el; segunda mitad, la; segunda parte, la.

Example: They looked good in the second half till PRK caught them snoozing and walked right into the goal.

» second-hand [secondhand] = de segunda mano, de ocasión, ya usado, usado antes.

Example: A list of 100 significant Canadian novels was checked against the holdings of a new bookstores, second-hand bookstores, and academic libraries.

» second home = segunda casa.

Example: In recent decades tourism has vastly increased in the area and many once empty houses have been restored as second or holiday homes.

» second in command = segundo de abordo, vicedirector, subcomandante.

Example: The disadvantages may be minimized if a well qualified second in command is appointed.

» second in importance = de segunda importancia.

Example: In an emergency, good information about the building is second in importance only to good judgment.

» second-largest + Nombre, the = segundo + Nombre + más grande, el.

Example: At $300 billion a year in sales, health and personal care is the second-largest retail category in the US behind groceries.

» second leg = encuentro de vuelta, partido de vuelta, segunda manga.

Example: Second qualifying round first legs to be played July 30, second legs to be played on August 6.

» second-level = de segundo nivel.

Example: The fourth second-level heading under this term is 'miscellaneous'.

» second-order [2nd-order] = de segundo orden.

Example: A meta-programming approach is applied in which the raw bibliographic material is viewed as a logic programme upon which a 2nd-order logic programme is developed.

» second place = segundo lugar, segundo puesto.

Example: A close competition, there was a winning team and two teams tied in second place.

» second place finish = finalización en segundo lugar.

Example: With a damaged car, having to make a pit stop to change his front wing, the potential of a second place finish went up in smoke.

» second-quality = de segunda, de segunda calidad.

Example: The supply of best-quality white rags for paper-making had always been precarious, and bleaching enabled the more abundant coloured and second-quality rags to be made into acceptable writing and printing papers.

» second quarter = segundo trimestre.

Example: The Spanish airline swung to a net loss in the second quarter, hurt by falling demand for air travel as the recession grips Spain.

» second-rate = de segunda categoría, de segunda clase, mediocre.

Example: To date the library profession has been passive in its approach to new technology and has accepted the second-rate products it has been offered.

» second-removed = en segunda instancia.

Example: The problem is compounded by the fact that his boss, my second-removed boss, the director of the library, has asked me out.

» second thoughts = dudas, cambios.

Example: Secondly, a clean proof of the sheet was generally shown to the author for his approval and (if the printer was unlucky) his second thoughts.

» second to last = penúltimo, segundo por la cola.

Example: In a recent survey of 16 European countries, the UK comes second to last, beating only Belgium.

» second wind = nuevo resurgir, recuperación de la energía, resurgimiento, recuperación.

Example: The article 'Cost-plus pricing: an old nag with a second wind?' suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised.

» Second World War, the [World War II] = Segunda Guerra Mundial, la.

Example: From the beginnings of the UNESCO activity after the Second World War the emphasis ever since in universal bibliographic control has been upon collective endeavours.

» take + second place = terminar segundo, quedar segundo, acabar segundo, llegar segundo.

Example: Niamh practised her words with her mother and went on to take second place in the spelling final.

» take + second place = terminar segundo, quedar segundo, acabar segundo, llegar segundo.

Example: Niamh practised her words with her mother and went on to take second place in the spelling final.

» take + second place = relegar a un segundo plano.

Example: He considered his first job as that of healer; the writer and teacher took second place.

» the second time around = la segunda vez, por segunda vez.

Example: His luck ran out the second time around after surviving an attempt on his life last April.

» win + second place = ganar el segundo puesto, conseguir el segundo puesto, ser el segundo.

Example: She won second place in shotput at the state championship.

» without a second thought = sin pensárselo dos veces.

Example: The worst interruptions of all, in my experience, come from those public address systems rigged in many schools in every room and used apparently without a second thought by administrative staff.

» work + a second job = estar pluriempleado, tener un segundo trabajo, tener un segundo empleo.

Example: For most who moonlight, the extra income is an economic necessity, and for a great many more, the economic need to work a second job exists but the employment opportunity does not.

second2 = segundo. [Parte de un minuto]

Example: If necessary, it could be made extremely fast by substituting thermionic-tube switching for mechanical switching, so that the full selection could be made in one one-hundredth of a second.


» be back in a sec(ond) = volver en un segundo, volver en un instante.

Example: She got up and said, "Just going for a wee. Back in a sec," and walked off across the lounge in the direction of the toilets, leaving Rudi quite alone.

» bps (bits per second) = bps (bits por segundo). [En informática, modo de medir la velocidad de transferencia de datos]

Example: Bps (bits per second) is a measurement of how fast data is moved from one place to another.

» by the second = a cada instante, a cada momento.

Example: Espadrilles have been around since at least the 14th century, and they're gaining popularity by the second!.

» for a second = por un segundo, durante un segundo.

Example: Wren glared at her for a second, then shut the door in her face.

» hang on (for) + a sec(ond) = esperar un segundo, esperar un instante.

Example: 'Hang on a sec, okay?' the senior assistant librarian in charge of serials said as she put the phone down.

» in a matter of seconds = en cuestión de segundos.

Example: In a matter of seconds, some 50 people were killed, 250 injured.

» in a second = en un segundo, en un instante.

Example: A potato can be peeled in a second by steaming first for an hour before dipping it in ice water.

» in seconds = en unos segundos.

Example: This curler creates movie star eyelashes in seconds and also beats mascara allergy.

» in the final seconds = en los últimos segundos.

Example: After a quick turn of events, Michigan defense shut the door on Ohio State in the final seconds.

» make + every second count = aprovechar cada segundo, no perder ni un segundo, no desperdiciar ni un segundo.

Example: If Mimi could have a final wish to her family and friends it would be, 'think of me as a girl that wants to fly high, shine bright, and make every second count'.

» millisecond [m/s] = milisegundo [m/s].

Example: The words can be stored, retrieved, deleted and selected in many combinations in milliseconds.

» not for a second = ni por un instante, ni por un segundo.

Example: Never leave a child unattended in a car, not for a minute, not for a second.

» second grader = alumno de segundo curso, alumno de segundo año, alumno de segundo.

Example: The evaluation survey demonstrated how second graders felt they had benefited from the project.

» second hand = segundero.

Example: Students first practiced counting by 1s and 5s around a clock with no hands before being introduced to the differing functions of the second, minute and hour hands.

» split second = décima de segundo, fracción de segundo.

Example: If you can see why, then next time, in the split second before you click, you'll ask yourself, is there a better place to get my information?.

» split second = instantáneo.

Example: It also provides split second image display for the manual capture of the remaining fields = También presenta una visualización instantánea de la imagen para la captura manual de los campos restantes.

» the moment/second + Nombre + walk + out (of) the/that door  = en el momento que + salir + por la/esa puerta, en cuanto + salir + por la/esa puerta.

Example: In her mind, she still feared becoming another woman he'd check off the list after debauching her, almost as if he'd be done with her the second he walked out that door.

» the second... = en el momento en que..., en cuanto....

Example: The second those words slipped out of her mouth I knew in my gut that she was right.

» within seconds = en cuestión de segundos.

Example: An online catalog is certainly more complete in its accesses and more up to date than is possible with a card catalog since the entries are available within seconds after completion of cataloging.

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