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pronunciation: resumen part of speech: verb, noun
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abstract3 = resumir. 

Example: For example, a paper that discusses diseases in dogs, cats, and chickens might have only the part about dogs abstracted if the user group is doing research on diseases in dogs.

abstract4 = abstraer. 

Example: Knowledge level description is a proposal that emphasizes the knowledge content and usage and abstracts away implementation details.

abstracting = elaboración de resúmenes. [Expresión de lo esencial de un tema o una materia en forma breve y precisa]

Example: Abstracting is an attempt to present a summary of document content.


» abstracting agency = agencia de resúmenes. [Empresa comercial que se dedica a elaborar y publicar resúmenes sobre temas de especialidad]

Example: The implementation of this policy depends upon a more effective feedback from user to abstractor than most abstracting agencies can achieve.

» abstracting and indexing journal = revista de resúmenes.

Example: There are several thousand abstracting and indexing journals available, and a large library may well take several hundred of these.

» abstracting and indexing publication = publicación de resúmenes, revista de resúmenes. [Publicación secundaria de resúmenes]

Example: Title-based subject indexes have been used as indexes to local abstracting and indexing publications = Los índices de materias a partir de los títulos se han utilizado para indizar las publicaciones de resúmenes hechas por la propia biblioteca.

» abstracting and indexing service = servicio de indización y resumen. [Publicación periódica que contiene resúmenes e índices de los documentos publicados sobre uno o varios temas de especialidad]

Example: The approach in this case is almost invariably by subject and the principal categories of bibliographic aid employed are abstracting and indexing services.

» abstracting and indexing tool = instrumento para resumir e indizar.

Example: Prior to the 1970s UDC was frequently to be found in large card indexes in special libraries and sometimes to be encountered in abstracting and indexing tools.

» abstracting bulletin = boletín de resúmenes. [Boletín publicado periódicamente por una biblioteca o servicio de información como servicio de difusión de información que contiene los resúmenes de los documentos que ha ingresado en la biblioteca sobre los temas de interés de los usuarios y que a diferencia del abstracting journal (revista de resúmenes) no se publica comercialmente]

Example: An abstracting bulletin is generally a weekly or monthly current-awareness service containing abstracts of all documents of interest that have passed into the library or information unit during that time.

» abstracting form = plantilla de resúmenes.

Example: Abstracting forms usually indicate the major categories of data that should be submitted by an abstractor in respect of each record.

» abstracting format = tipo de resumen.

Example: Each abstracting organisation must consider many factors before settling upon a specific abstracting format and style.

» abstracting journal = revista de resúmenes. [Revista que publica periódicamente los resúmenes de los documentos primarios más recientes sobre una materia, tema o problema, e incluye un índice de autores, un índice temático y otros índices y que se publica comercialmente a diferencia del abstracting bulletin (boletín de resúmenes)]

Example: Indexing journals (and the indexes to printed abstracting journals) are alphabetical indexes to the literature of a subject area.

» abstracting organisation = agencia de resúmenes.

Example: Abstracting organisations tend to be interested primarily in the technical and not the legal content of a patent.

» abstracting periodical = revista de resúmenes.

Example: Abstracting and indexing periodicals may be interfiled into a common sequence with other serials, or may form a separate sequence.

» abstracting policy = normas para la elaboración de resúmenes.

Example: It is suggested that editors have developed abstracting policies from their own experience of free-text searching, rather than from any research results.

» abstracting publication = publicación de resúmenes, revista de resúmenes.

Example: The sheer volume of information published has underlined the importance of secondary, current awareness and abstracting publications.

» abstracting service = servicio de resúmenes. [Centro u organismo de información que elabora, publica y distribuye publicaciones de resúmenes]

Example: Abstracts have for some years been a major component in published abstracting services.

» abstracting style = estilo de resumir.

Example: Each abstracting organisation must consider many factors before settling upon a specific abstracting format and style.

» automatic abstracting = preparación automática de resúmenes. [Elaboración de un resumen por medios automáticos]

Example: The elaboration of an abstract by automated means is known as automatic abstracting.

» indexing and abstracting service = servicio de indización y resumen.

Example: In such a world, the 'journal' would no longer exist and libraries would be cataloguing at the level of what S.R. Ranganathan called 'micro-thought' -- a level that we have always left to indexing and abstracting services = En este tipo de mundo, la "revista" ya no existiría y las bibliotecas catalogarían al nivel de lo que S.R. Ranganathan denominó "el micropensamiento", un nivel que siempre hemos dejado a los servicios de indización y resumen.
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