Abstraction in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbstɹ̩ɑkθioʊn part of speech: noun
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abstraction1 = abstracción, generalización. 

Example: For those involved in producing BNB, the eighties have seen this question leap in a single bound into the realm of stark reality from the cosy abstraction of AACR2.


» re-abstraction = reabstracción. 

Example: Importantly, the data re-abstraction results serve to verify the integrity of the data.

abstraction2 = arte abstracto. 

Example: Yet photography can participate equally in any of the great schools of contemporary art -- abstraction, surrealism, conceptual art.

Abstraction synonyms

abstract in spanish: resumen, pronunciation: æbstrækt part of speech: adjective, noun extraction in spanish: extracción, pronunciation: ekstrækʃən part of speech: noun generalization in spanish: generalización, pronunciation: dʒenɜrəlɪzeɪʃən part of speech: noun abstractedness in spanish: abstracto, pronunciation: æbstræktɪdnəs part of speech: noun
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