Accede in spanish

Acceder a

pronunciation: ɑkθedeɹ̩ɑ part of speech: verb
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accede = acceder, consentir. 

Example: Once Modjeski heard him express sympathy, she knew she could wheedle him into acceding.

Accede synonyms

bow in spanish: arco, pronunciation: baʊ part of speech: noun, verb defer in spanish: aplazar, pronunciation: dɪfɜr part of speech: verb adhere in spanish: adherirse, pronunciation: ədhɪr part of speech: verb acquiesce in spanish: ceder, pronunciation: ækwies part of speech: verb submit in spanish: enviar, pronunciation: səbmɪt part of speech: verb comply in spanish: cumplir, pronunciation: kəmplaɪ part of speech: verb assent in spanish: asentir, pronunciation: əsent part of speech: noun, verb give in in spanish: ceder, pronunciation: gɪvɪn part of speech: verb

Accede antonyms

dissent pronunciation: dɪsent part of speech: noun
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