Accomplish in spanish


pronunciation: reɑliθɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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accomplish = conseguir, lograr, hacer, llevar a cabo, realizar. 

Example: If a library prefers to simplify records in particular areas, this can usually be accomplished by not entering particular types of information.


» accomplish + a change = lograr un cambio.

Example: It seems like he's itching for a change but doesn't know exactly the direction or directions to pursue in order to accomplish the change.

» accomplish + a feat = realizar una proeza, lograr una hazaña.

Example: This article describes briefly how this remarkable feat was accomplished.

» accomplish + a goal = conseguir una meta, alcanzar una meta.

Example: The astute leader will establish short- and long-range goals for the institution, develop specific objectives to accomplish those goals, and activities to meet the objectives.

» accomplish + a manoeuvre = lograr realizar una maniobra.

Example: Ostensibly, the maneuver was accomplished to curb patronage abuses and make it easier to dismiss deadwood employees in the long run.

» accomplish + a miracle = realizar un milagro.

Example: Nothing could be further from the truth, for Balzac had accomplished miracles since he arrived in Rolling Ridge six years ago.

» accomplish + a mission = cumplir una misión, llevar a cabo una misión.

Example: The library emerged as the vehicle to accomplish this mission.

» accomplish + an objective = conseguir un objetivo.

Example: My approach here is always to go back and see what objectives our predecessors have tried to accomplish.

» accomplish + a responsibility = cumplir una responsabilidad.

Example: To accomplish this responsibility, the elements of due process must also be applied to selection.

» accomplish + a task = cumplir una tarea, realizar una tarea.

Example: The goal may be of little value or of high scientific or cultural significance, but energy is put forth to accomplish a task.

» accomplish + the impossible = conseguir lo imposible, lograr lo imposible.

Example: The author suggests a moratorium on publishing the UN's activities for so that there would then be no need for indexes that, failing to accomplish the impossible, are cavalierly declared inadequate.

Accomplish synonyms

reach in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: ritʃ part of speech: verb, noun achieve in spanish: lograr, pronunciation: ətʃiv part of speech: verb fulfill in spanish: cumplir, pronunciation: fʊlfɪl part of speech: verb attain in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: əteɪn part of speech: verb execute in spanish: ejecutar, pronunciation: eksəkjut part of speech: verb fulfil in spanish: cumplir, pronunciation: fʊlfɪl part of speech: verb carry out in spanish: llevar a cabo, pronunciation: kæriaʊt part of speech: verb carry through in spanish: llevar a cabo, pronunciation: kæriθru part of speech: verb
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