Accompaniment in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkoʊmpɑnjɑmientoʊ part of speech: noun
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accompaniment = acompañamiento. 

Example: A chorus score is a score of a vocal work showing only the chorus parts, with accompaniment, if any, arranged for keyboard instrument.


» in accompaniment = a la vez, como acompañamiento.

Example: The turbine engines shrieked as they fought to maintain lift in the thin air, while the fuselage groaned in accompaniment.

Accompaniment synonyms

support in spanish: apoyo, pronunciation: səpɔrt part of speech: noun, verb concomitant in spanish: concomitante, pronunciation: kɑnkɑmətənt part of speech: adjective, noun escort in spanish: escolta, pronunciation: eskɔrt part of speech: noun, verb co-occurrence in spanish: co-ocurrencia, pronunciation: koʊɑkɜrəns part of speech: noun
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