Accommodation in spanish


pronunciation: ɑloʊxɑmientoʊ part of speech: noun
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accommodation1 = alojamiento. 

Example: NACs deal with a wide range of topics such as public and private rented accommodation, rents, rebates and allowances, improvement grants, landlord-tenant relations, environmental health, and house purchase.


» alternative accommodation = alojamiento alternativo.

Example: It will help private tenants to find alternative accommodation when their existing tenancy is coming to an end.

» budget accommodation = alojamiento económico, alojamiento barato.

Example: Our aim is to be the number one website for backpackers and student travel, and every traveler looking for great budget accommodation.

» full-board accommodation = alojamiento en régimen de pensión completa, pensión completa.

Example: Package B includes full-board accommodation in a student residence in a single or double room with shared bathroom.

» hotel accommodation = alojamiento en hotel, estancia en hotel, estancia de hotel.

Example: As demand for hotel accommodation begins to pick up, albeit very unevenly, attention is turning again to how the major companies can gain market share.

» living accommodation = alojamiento, vivienda.

Example: Providing living accommodation to employees is treated as a taxable benefit in kind with the benefit value based on the cash equivalent.

» rented accommodation = alojamiento de alquiler.

Example: Previously there was a social science collection and a humanities and library science collection, all in rented accommodation.

» sheltered accommodation = viviendas asistidas. [Casas principalmente para personas mayores y minusválidos que cuentan con asistencia médica, compañía, limpieza, etc]

Example: This article reviews library services to the elderly in residential homes, sheltered accommodation and day centres in the city.

» sleeping accommodation = sitio para dormir, lugar para dormir.

Example: When you travel by night train, you'll need to reserve a seat or a sleeping accommodation, depending on the level of comfort you want, and the amount you wish to spend.

accommodation2 = locales, dependencias. 

Example: Most CACs occupied office-type accommodation in town halls, libraries and consumer protection departments.

accommodation3 = puesto de lector. 

Example: In May 1973 a paper was sent to all universities detailing the norms for university library accommodation, whereby the accommodation entitlements were further reduced to about one in five.


» seating accommodation = asientos.

Example: It is interesting to compare statistics on the types of seating accommodation offered in several libraries.

accommodation4 = adaptación, aceptación, acuerdo. 

Example: Whatever structure emerges will be one of accommodation and acceptance by the various stakeholders both in and outside the library.

Accommodation synonyms

fitting in spanish: adecuado, pronunciation: fɪtɪŋ part of speech: adjective, noun adjustment in spanish: ajuste, pronunciation: ədʒʌstmənt part of speech: noun
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