Acrylic in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkɹ̩ilikoʊ part of speech: noun
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acrylic = acrílico. 

Example: For exhibition purposes, rigid acrylic (perspex) book cradles offer the best solution.


» monomer acrylic = acrílico monómero.

Example: One method to strengthen brittle paper without unbinding the books is to impregnate them with monomer acrylics and to radiate for polymerisation.

Acrylic synonyms

acrylic resin in spanish: resina acrilica, pronunciation: əkrɪlɪkrezən part of speech: noun acrylic fiber in spanish: fibra acrilica, pronunciation: əkrɪlɪkfaɪbɜr part of speech: noun acrylic paint in spanish: pintura acrilica, pronunciation: əkrɪlɪkpeɪnt part of speech: noun acrylate resin in spanish: resina de acrilato, pronunciation: ækrileɪtrezən part of speech: noun
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