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pronunciation: inteɹ̩inoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

acting + Cargo = Cargo + en funciones. 

Example: During the last two years at the latter position, he also served as Acting Assistant Director of the Health Sciences Libraries.

act3 = actuar, comportarse, obrar. 

Example: It's obvious Laurenna likes you by the way she acts around you.


» act + accordingly = actuar en consecuencia, actuar consecuentemente.

Example: Public librarians will have to determine whether these standardization processes are positive and negative, and act accordingly.

» act as = actuar de, actuar como, ejercer de.

Example: Communication satellites act as relay stations, by capturing the signals which arrive from the earth and retransmitting them on a different carrier frequency.

» act as + a bridge = actuar de puente, servir de puente, ser puente.

Example: Librarians must now act as a bridge between vital sources of primary material and users who need guidance in the difficult and time-consuming quest for information.

» act as + the eyes and ears = ser los ojos y los oídos.

Example: The community has the responsibility to act as the eyes and ears, as they did during the war where there were all these posters up saying the walls have ears and the enemy is everywhere.

» act for = trabajar para, representar a.

Example: In a conventional library, searches may be carried out by the user, or by the librarian acting for the user.

» act + fresh with = pasarse con, ponerse fresco con, ser un fresco con.

Example: Sometime back a heroine created a ruckus by saying that the actor acted fresh with her by biting her lips in a smooching scene.

» act + heroically = actuar heroicamente, actuar como un héroe, comportarse como un héroe.

Example: A man who died after his car careened down a bank at the end of his driveway acted heroically to turn the car away from his house.

» act in + good conscience = actuar en conciencia, obrar en conciencia.

Example: It is also important to recognize that a person can act in good conscience and still be wrong, but without sin.

» act in + good faith = actuar de buena fe, obrar de buena fe.

Example: A defendant acts in good faith when he has an honest belief that his actions will not result in severe pain or suffering.

» act in + self-defence = actuar en defensa propia.

Example: A police officer accused of assaulting a group of party-goers said he acted in self defence, a court was told today.

» act + naturally = actuar con naturalidad, comportarse con naturalidad.

Example: We'll make a film about a man who's sad and lonely and all I gotta do is act naturally.

» act on + impulse = actuar por impulso.

Example: Thieves detected by a security system seem to be largely acting on impulse, or absent-minded or trying to beat the system for sport.

» act on + Posesivo + principles = actuar de acuerdo con los principios de Uno.

Example: Here is our chance to act on our principles -- don't be fooled by Kent and don't allow ALA to be used as his mouthpiece.

» act on/upon = actuar según, obrar en consecuencia.

Example: The question I will address is whether our acting on what I believe to be an invalid assumption provides valid cataloging.

» act out of + Nombre = actuar motivado por + Nombre.

Example: But we are not then acting quite so much out of blindness or inarticulateness; we are selfishly or fearfully or wilfully trying to short-circuit what we know underneath to be more nearly the true state of things.

» act + Posesivo + age = actuar con madurez, dejarse de niñerías.

Example: Maybe James no longer wanted to play for someone like that: someone who, in the heat of the moment, refuses to act his age.

» act + promptly = actuar sin demora.

Example: It is therefore ironic that the one politican who has shown a willingness to act promptly is in fact accused of shooting from the hip.

» act + the goat = zanganear, tontear, hacer el tonto, hacer el indio, hacer el monigote, hacer patochadas, hacer payasadas, payasear, hacer el payaso, gansear, hacer gansadas, hacer el ganso, hacer el idiota, hacer el estúpido, hacer el bobo.

Example: He was taking drink as a medication. He was not a just drunken fool, but he was acting the goat = Usaba el alcohol como medicación. No es que fuera un tonto borracho, sino que estaba haciendo el ganso.

» act towards = comportarse con, actuar con, portarse con.

Example: I get so mad when I think of the way she acts towards me alone, and then when she puts on this act in front of her friends.

» act up = comportarse mal, dar guerra, dar la nota.

Example: Children growing up in households where aggression, physical abuse and other antisocial acts are the norm often act up in school.

» act + violently = actuar con violencia, comportarse violentamente.

Example: Men, trained to kill and brutalised by the experience of battle, found it difficult to return to civilian life and continued to act violently.

» act without + thinking = actuar sin pensar(lo).

Example: Impulsive behavior means exactly what it sounds like: acting on impulse, or acting without thinking.

» act without + thinking twice = actuar sin pensar(lo) dos veces.

Example: Even adults act without thinking twice before they do things, but that is not the best way to solve problems.

» counteract = contrarrestar, neutralizar, cancelar.

Example: Closed system tendencies, such as invoking system controls designed to counteract differences and correct deviations (thus scoring creativity as error), only push the institution more rapidly toward extinction.

» interact = interactuar, relacionarse, conversar, ponerse en contacto con.

Example: DBMS are essentially programming frameworks, and can offer good storage and retrieval, but often are intended for programmers to interact with, and thus may need a programmer in order to make them usable to libraries.

» overact = sobreactuar. 

Example: Recently an anoynmous person told me that when I act on stage, I have a tendency to overact.

act4 = actuar, interpretar. 

Example: I love acting but I don't like all of the other stuff associated with it.


» act on + stage = actuar en el escenario.

Example: Recently an anoynmous person told me that when I act on stage, I have a tendency to overact.

» act out = representar.

Example: The use of the form connotes peculiarity (the people so described are acting out a somewhat inappropriate role) and passiveness (they are not actively participating in that role).

acting = interpretación. 

Example: Most authorities rightly warn us, however, that telling and reading are not the same as acting.


» acting career = carrera dramática.

Example: Peter Falk, who played television's rumpled detective Columbo for 30 years in an acting career that included 50 movies and spanned a half century, has died.

» acting + Cargo = Cargo + en funciones.

Example: During the last two years at the latter position, he also served as Acting Assistant Director of the Health Sciences Libraries.

» acting-for-the-best = actuar para el bien de todos.

Example: Putting on an acting-for-the-best demeanor, she approached him and extended her hand.

» acting school = escuela de teatro, escuela de arte dramático.

Example: Her parents used to teach acting at an acting school, which is where she was introduced to the nuances of the acting world.

» acting world, the = mundo de la interpretación, el.

Example: Her parents used to teach acting at an acting school, which is where she was introduced to the nuances of the acting world.

» interacting = interrelacionado.

Example: On other occasions, where the search must be specified with a number of interacting concepts and other parameters, it will be necessary to write the concepts down.

» play-acting = hacer teatro, simulacro de una situación supuesta.

Example: Dance is a physical form of enactment as opposed to play-acting, which is predominantly verbal.

Acting synonyms

playing in spanish: jugando, pronunciation: pleɪɪŋ part of speech: noun performing in spanish: amaestrado, pronunciation: pɜrfɔrmɪŋ part of speech: noun playacting in spanish: playacting, pronunciation: pleɪəktɪŋ part of speech: noun
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