Activate in spanish


pronunciation: ɑktibɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

activate = activar, poner en funcionamiento. 

Example: Deferred orders are activated when the 'claim overdue order' function is run.


» activate + a light = hacer que se encienda una luz.

Example: The carrier containing both items is then fed into the rotating rollers of the thermal copier and as it proceeds through the machine it activates an infra-red light.

» activate + a process = activar un proceso.

Example: A bottle containing blanket wash solvent is incorporated in the machine and the process is activated by depressing and holding a lever.

» activate + a signal = activar una señal.

Example: However, problems can arise with some electronic detection devices because other metal objects such as belt clasps may activate the alarm signal.

» activate + a system = activar un sistema.

Example: Learn what to do when there is a power outage and how to respond to alarms that signal stuck elevators or that activate security or sprinkler systems.

» deactivate = desactivar.

Example: Low-level magnetic fields are used to deactivate and reactivate targets without damaging the contents of magnetic media such as audio and video tapes.

» reactivate [re-activate] = reactivar. 

Example: The collections were dormant during the 2nd World War, were reactivated about 1964 and now consist of about 180,000 samples.

Activate synonyms

trip in spanish: viaje, pronunciation: trɪp part of speech: noun trigger in spanish: desencadenar, pronunciation: trɪgɜr part of speech: noun, verb spark in spanish: chispa, pronunciation: spɑrk part of speech: noun actuate in spanish: accionar, pronunciation: æktʃueɪt part of speech: verb set off in spanish: partir, pronunciation: setɔf part of speech: verb aerate in spanish: airear, pronunciation: ereɪt part of speech: verb spark off in spanish: chispa, pronunciation: spɑrkɔf part of speech: verb touch off in spanish: provocar, pronunciation: tʌtʃɔf part of speech: verb trigger off in spanish: desencadenar, pronunciation: trɪgɜrɔf part of speech: verb

Activate antonyms

deactivate pronunciation: diæktɪveɪt part of speech: verb inactivate pronunciation: ɪnæktɪveɪt part of speech: verb
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