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pronunciation: ɑktoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
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act1 = acto. 

Example: The sheer act of preservation renders the material permanent rather than transitory.


» act of aggression = agresión.

Example: The study was designed to determine if players felt remorse if an opposing player was injured as a result of their act of aggression.

» act of contrition = acto de contrición.

Example: The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that if a person makes a 'perfect' act of contrition, his mortal sins are forgiven.

» act of courage = acto de valentía, acto de valor, acto de bravura.

Example: Sometimes getting out of bed is an amazing act of courage.

» act of cowardice = acto de cobardía, falta de valor, falta de coraje.

Example: Form my history of clans , all 'alliances' between clans are acts of cowardice and usualy ends with some sneaky bitch backstabbing people.

» act of cruelty = acto de crueldad, barbaridad, bestialidad.

Example: It is an act of cruelty that seems to defy explanation.

» act of deception = engaño, truco, treta.

Example: An act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party is called fraud.

» act of defiance = desafío, reto, rebeldía.

Example: Moreover, her fatness is an act of defiance; in a world in which women are taught to take up as little space as possible, Lilian learns to foist her way into the public sphere.

» act of devotion = acto de devoción.

Example: Vows of chastity can also be taken by laypersons as a voluntary act of devotion.

» act of faith = acto de fe.

Example: By and large, the introduction of such services has been an act of faith by librarians committed to the idea.

» act of generosity = acto de generosidad.

Example: While fleecing someone with a long, sharp butcher's knife, the American grandees pose as though they were performing an act of great generosity.

» act of God = causa de fuerza mayor, causa fortuita.

Example: Force Majeure: SWETS shall not be liable for any interruption of service resulting from any circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including acts of god, war riot, embargoes, strikes or labour shortages or failure of equipment = Fuerzas Mayores: SWETS no será responsable de cualquier interrupción del servicio resultante de cualquier circunstancia más allá de su control, incluidas las causas de fuerza mayor, los disturbios ocasionados por las guerras, embargos, huelgas o escasez de mano de obra o fallos del equipo.

» act of heroism = acto de heroísmo.

Example: Humans are flawed and crazy and capable of amazing acts of heroism and terrible acts of villainy.

» act of hooliganism = gamberrada, animalada, atropello.

Example: Since September when schools reopened for the new academic year, there have been several serious acts of hooliganism.

» act of opposition = acto de rebeldía.

Example: 'Catching 10' while the supervisor is looking the other way is both a salve to the tired body & a little act of opposition.

» act of terror = acto terrorista.

Example: When the security services carry out acts of terror, they employ patsies who often are petty criminals or people who are mentally backward or mentally unstable.

» act of thuggery = gamberrada, animalada, atropello.

Example: It was an act of thuggery and stupidity and I have not one ounce of sympathy for him.

» act of treachery = acto de traición, traición.

Example: This dramatic act of treachery against the Republic was actually entirely due to political infighting between republican factions.

» act of treason = traición, acto de traición.

Example: It is also an act of treason against humanity, since it has been used to justify an attempt to destroy the world economy.

» act of valour = acto de valor, acto de valentía, acto de bravura.

Example: It was an act of valor to testify on that witness stand for so many hours and still stay cool and collected about his most private and humiliating experiences.

» act of vandalism = gamberrada, animalada, atropello.

Example: The mayor said the move was necessary due to a rash of break-ins and acts of vandalism in the town.

» act of villainy = canallada, fechoría, maldad.

Example: Humans are flawed and crazy and capable of amazing acts of heroism and terrible acts of villainy.

» act of violence = acto de violencia, acto violento.

Example: The strategy of terrorists is to commit acts of violence that draws the attention of the the world to their cause.

» balancing act = malabarismos, juego de malabarismo.

Example: The author considers planning as a balancing act between conflicting forces, the need for clear and specific objectives, and good communications between the staff concerned.

» barbaric act = barbarismo, acto barbárico.

Example: Twelve Nepalese hostages are killed by Islamic militants in Iraq in what Nepal calls a 'barbarian act'.

» be a class act = tener calidad, ser de calidad, tener presencia, tener personalidad.

Example: Good news is that my dinner was a class act, and they even got the steak perfect, which is a feat for such a fussy eater like me.

» caddish act = jugarreta, mala jugada, mala pasada, bellaquería, bellacada, barrabasada, diablura, cabronada, putada, canallada.

Example: Everyone readily agreed that to spread the story would be a caddish act.

» catch + Nombre + in the act = coger a Alguien con las manos en la masa, coger a Alguien in fraganti, pillar a Alguien con las manos en la masa, pillar a Alguien in fraganti.

Example: Two criminals are off the street and behind bars thanks to an alert officer who caught them in the act.

» clean up + Posesivo + act = enmendarse, corregirse.

Example: The article 'NYPL cleans up its act' describes the 4 phases of a project conducted by the Conservation Division of the New York Public Library to improve its collections.

» comedy act = actuación cómica.

Example: I saw the worst comedy act I've ever seen last night -- it was absolutely toe-curling!.

» commit + a despicable act = cometer un acto ruin.

Example: I think today's society seems to always search for an excuse when some people commit despicable acts.

» commit + an act = realizar un acto.

Example: Our reactions to actual crime -- disbelief about the act committed, anger at the hurt caused, a desire to get even, and fear for ourselves and our children -- arrive in an indecipherable rush of emotion.

» commit + an act of treason = cometer un acto de traición, cometer una traición.

Example: We tend to forget that to sign the Declaration of Independence was to commit an act of treason -- and the punishment for treason was death.

» communication act = acto comunicativo.

Example: According to semiotics, communication acts in public libraries occur at subtle levels of expression (signifier) and content (signified).

» criminal act = delito, acto delictivo.

Example: Simenon may be read by many people for amusement only, but if we read him thoughtfully he shows us a variety of insights into the kind of crises that push people into criminal acts.

» delinquent act = acto delictivo.

Example: The study suggests some preventative measures which include a simple publicity campaign to educate students on the danger posed to library services by such delinquent acts.

» despicable act = acto ruin, acto infame, bellaquería.

Example: This week has had so many despicable acts it made a very cynical person like me even more so.

» get in on + the act = querer sacar tajada también, querer + Posesivo + tajada también, querer aprovecharse también, querer beneficiarse también, meter (la) cuchara.

Example: And it's not just Amazon, other retailers are getting in on the act with massive sales today.

» get in + the act = actuar, reaccionar.

Example: Even the U.S. military got in the act, when in 1984 they abolished happy hours at military base clubs.

» get + Posesivo + act together = ponerse las pilas, despabilarse, espabilarse, avisparse, aclararse las ideas.

Example: She then told him to cut the bullshit and get his act together, fast.

» headline act = estrella principal, artista principal, cabeza de cartel.

Example: Whilst restaurants and pubs continue to dominate spending in the leisure industry, new research reveals that it is music festival and concert sales that have been the headline act over the past five years.

» irrational act = acto irracional.

Example: Terrorism is not an irrational act.

» juggling act = malabarismos, juegos malabares.

Example: The article 'Adaptive technology: a juggling act' describes the wide range of adaptive technology available to help blind and vision impaired students = El artículo "Tecnología adaptada a usuarios con necesidades especiales: juegos malabares" describe la gran variedad de adaptaciones tecnológicas para ayudar a los estudiantes ciegos y con problemas visuales.

» loutish act = gamberrada, animalada, atropello.

Example: The worst thing is that this culture contributes to irresponsible sexual behaviour, loutish acts, drunk driving and people becoming alcoholics.

» official act = acto oficial.

Example: This publication reports official acts and activities of the various units of the Association.

» opening act = telonero, grupo telonero.

Example: Having been their opening act 13 years ago I'm proud to say that I think this is Muse's best song ever.

» preside over + act = presidir un acto.

Example: But if the groundwork for these accomplisments can be laid with patient, constructive efforts, that contribution is more important than presiding over the final act.

» put on + an act = fingir, aparentar, dar una falsa impresión, hacer el paripé, hacer teatro.

Example: Singers, dancers, and actors must now all know how to sing, dance and put on an act.

» random act of = acto espontáneo de.

Example: Teachers are facing random acts of violence seldom faced in the past.

» rash act = actuación precipitada.

Example: She should have but I sweet-talked her out of such a rash act = Ella lo debería haber hecho pero yo la persuadí con labia y zalamerías para que desistiera de llevar a cabo una actuación tan precipitada.

» rational act = acto racional.

Example: The Concise Oxford dictionary defines instinct as an 'innate propensity to certain seemingly rational acts performed without conscious intention'.

» senseless act = acto irracional, acto sin sentido, acto demencial, barbaridad.

Example: Lives are lost every day to senseless acts of murder.

» sexual act = acto sexual.

Example: Police say an employee at a homeless shelter in downtown Charleston offered reduced lodging rates in exchange for sexual acts.

» support act = telonero, grupo telonero.

Example: The band will also be announcing their support acts in the coming days.

» voluntary act = acto voluntario.

Example: Vows of chastity can also be taken by laypersons as a voluntary act of devotion.

» wrongful act = acto ilícito.

Example: To have the reputation 'of good repute', however, was powerful enough to acquit a person suspected of a crime or wrongful act.

act2 = ley, decreto. 

Example: This act allowed for the establishment of town libraries, which were free and open to all ratepayers and provided by funds from local rates.


» act + dumb = hacerse el loco, hacerse el tonto, hacerse el estúpido.

Example: In fact, his success was directly attributable to how smart he was by acting dumb.

» Copyright Act, the = Ley de Propiedad Intelectual, la. [Reconocimiento judicial de la pertenencia de una obra científica, literaria o artística a su autor]

Example: Whereas the other creations of the human mind which fall into the ambit of the Copyright Act, such as artistic works, drawings, photographs and the like, are clearly defined and well understood, it is shown that the explanation given for literary works is inadequate for the purpose.

» library act, the = ley de bibliotecas, la.

Example: The author voices reservations about the latest amendments to the Library Act.

» Orphan Drug Act, the = Ley de los Medicamentos Raros, la .

Example: There was a new pharmaceutical policy enacted in 1983 known as the Orphan Drug Act designed to increase the availability of so-called 'orphan drugs' used to treat rare diseases.

» Paperwork Reduction Act = Ley de Simplificación de los Procesos Administrativos. [Ley promulgada en los Estados Unidos en 1980 para reducir los trámites burocráticos de la administración central y que fue el causante del nacimiento de la gestión de los recursos de información]

Example: Since the passage of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980, Information Resources Management (IRM) has been the major strategy used by the Federal government to improve the effective management of information and information technology and to reduce the costs of a wide range of information services and products.

» patent act, the = ley de patentes, la.

Example: Under the Patent Act, an applicant for a Canadian patent has two statutory obligations to act in good faith.

» Privacy Act = Ley del Derecho a la Privacidad.

Example: The Privacy Act of 1974 increases employee record privacy for federal government employees by limiting access to those records.

» terrorism act = ley antiterrorista.

Example: It is illegal to operate websites inciting terrorism under the Terrorism Act.

» USA Patriot Act, the = Ley Patriótica, La. [En USA, ley aprobada tras el atentado terrorista del 11 de septiembre que le concede al gobierno grandes poderes para investigar las actividades de sus ciudadanos y considerada por muchos como un atentado contra la privacidad del individuo]

Example: The author offers a detailed overview of how Congress came to pass the USA Patriot Act and some of the power plays that took place behind the scenes.

» weights and measures act = ley de pesos y medidas.

Example: For many centuries local authorities have been responsible for policing weights and measures acts and regulations and, where a breach of legislation was uncovered, would prosecute in the criminal court.

act3 = actuar, comportarse, obrar. 

Example: It's obvious Laurenna likes you by the way she acts around you.


» act + accordingly = actuar en consecuencia, actuar consecuentemente.

Example: Public librarians will have to determine whether these standardization processes are positive and negative, and act accordingly.

» act as = actuar de, actuar como, ejercer de.

Example: Communication satellites act as relay stations, by capturing the signals which arrive from the earth and retransmitting them on a different carrier frequency.

» act as + a bridge = actuar de puente, servir de puente, ser puente.

Example: Librarians must now act as a bridge between vital sources of primary material and users who need guidance in the difficult and time-consuming quest for information.

» act as + the eyes and ears = ser los ojos y los oídos.

Example: The community has the responsibility to act as the eyes and ears, as they did during the war where there were all these posters up saying the walls have ears and the enemy is everywhere.

» act for = trabajar para, representar a.

Example: In a conventional library, searches may be carried out by the user, or by the librarian acting for the user.

» act + fresh with = pasarse con, ponerse fresco con, ser un fresco con.

Example: Sometime back a heroine created a ruckus by saying that the actor acted fresh with her by biting her lips in a smooching scene.

» act + heroically = actuar heroicamente, actuar como un héroe, comportarse como un héroe.

Example: A man who died after his car careened down a bank at the end of his driveway acted heroically to turn the car away from his house.

» act in + good conscience = actuar en conciencia, obrar en conciencia.

Example: It is also important to recognize that a person can act in good conscience and still be wrong, but without sin.

» act in + good faith = actuar de buena fe, obrar de buena fe.

Example: A defendant acts in good faith when he has an honest belief that his actions will not result in severe pain or suffering.

» act in + self-defence = actuar en defensa propia.

Example: A police officer accused of assaulting a group of party-goers said he acted in self defence, a court was told today.

» act + naturally = actuar con naturalidad, comportarse con naturalidad.

Example: We'll make a film about a man who's sad and lonely and all I gotta do is act naturally.

» act on + impulse = actuar por impulso.

Example: Thieves detected by a security system seem to be largely acting on impulse, or absent-minded or trying to beat the system for sport.

» act on + Posesivo + principles = actuar de acuerdo con los principios de Uno.

Example: Here is our chance to act on our principles -- don't be fooled by Kent and don't allow ALA to be used as his mouthpiece.

» act on/upon = actuar según, obrar en consecuencia.

Example: The question I will address is whether our acting on what I believe to be an invalid assumption provides valid cataloging.

» act out of + Nombre = actuar motivado por + Nombre.

Example: But we are not then acting quite so much out of blindness or inarticulateness; we are selfishly or fearfully or wilfully trying to short-circuit what we know underneath to be more nearly the true state of things.

» act + Posesivo + age = actuar con madurez, dejarse de niñerías.

Example: Maybe James no longer wanted to play for someone like that: someone who, in the heat of the moment, refuses to act his age.

» act + promptly = actuar sin demora.

Example: It is therefore ironic that the one politican who has shown a willingness to act promptly is in fact accused of shooting from the hip.

» act + the goat = zanganear, tontear, hacer el tonto, hacer el indio, hacer el monigote, hacer patochadas, hacer payasadas, payasear, hacer el payaso, gansear, hacer gansadas, hacer el ganso, hacer el idiota, hacer el estúpido, hacer el bobo.

Example: He was taking drink as a medication. He was not a just drunken fool, but he was acting the goat = Usaba el alcohol como medicación. No es que fuera un tonto borracho, sino que estaba haciendo el ganso.

» act towards = comportarse con, actuar con, portarse con.

Example: I get so mad when I think of the way she acts towards me alone, and then when she puts on this act in front of her friends.

» act up = comportarse mal, dar guerra, dar la nota.

Example: Children growing up in households where aggression, physical abuse and other antisocial acts are the norm often act up in school.

» act + violently = actuar con violencia, comportarse violentamente.

Example: Men, trained to kill and brutalised by the experience of battle, found it difficult to return to civilian life and continued to act violently.

» act without + thinking = actuar sin pensar(lo).

Example: Impulsive behavior means exactly what it sounds like: acting on impulse, or acting without thinking.

» act without + thinking twice = actuar sin pensar(lo) dos veces.

Example: Even adults act without thinking twice before they do things, but that is not the best way to solve problems.

» counteract = contrarrestar, neutralizar, cancelar.

Example: Closed system tendencies, such as invoking system controls designed to counteract differences and correct deviations (thus scoring creativity as error), only push the institution more rapidly toward extinction.

» interact = interactuar, relacionarse, conversar, ponerse en contacto con.

Example: DBMS are essentially programming frameworks, and can offer good storage and retrieval, but often are intended for programmers to interact with, and thus may need a programmer in order to make them usable to libraries.

» overact = sobreactuar. 

Example: Recently an anoynmous person told me that when I act on stage, I have a tendency to overact.

act4 = actuar, interpretar. 

Example: I love acting but I don't like all of the other stuff associated with it.


» act on + stage = actuar en el escenario.

Example: Recently an anoynmous person told me that when I act on stage, I have a tendency to overact.

» act out = representar.

Example: The use of the form connotes peculiarity (the people so described are acting out a somewhat inappropriate role) and passiveness (they are not actively participating in that role).

Act synonyms

work in spanish: trabajo, pronunciation: wɜrk part of speech: noun, verb process in spanish: proceso, pronunciation: prɑses part of speech: noun play in spanish: jugar, pronunciation: pleɪ part of speech: verb, noun do in spanish: hacer, pronunciation: du part of speech: verb number in spanish: número, pronunciation: nʌmbɜr part of speech: noun turn in spanish: giro, pronunciation: tɜrn part of speech: verb, noun bit in spanish: poco, pronunciation: bɪt part of speech: noun move in spanish: movimiento, pronunciation: muv part of speech: verb, noun operation in spanish: operación, pronunciation: ɑpɜreɪʃən part of speech: noun represent in spanish: representar, pronunciation: reprəzent part of speech: verb routine in spanish: rutina, pronunciation: rutin part of speech: adjective, noun pretend in spanish: pretender, pronunciation: pritend part of speech: verb dissemble in spanish: disimular, pronunciation: dɪsembəl part of speech: verb behave in spanish: comportarse, pronunciation: bɪheɪv part of speech: verb enactment in spanish: promulgación, pronunciation: enæktmənt part of speech: noun roleplay in spanish: juego de rol, pronunciation: roʊlpleɪ part of speech: verb playact in spanish: playact, pronunciation: pleɪækt part of speech: verb act as in spanish: actuar de, pronunciation: æktæz part of speech: verb cognitive process in spanish: proceso cognitivo, pronunciation: kɑgnɪtɪvprɑses part of speech: noun cognitive operation in spanish: operación cognitiva, pronunciation: kɑgnɪtɪvɑpɜreɪʃən part of speech: noun human action in spanish: accion humana, pronunciation: hjumənækʃən part of speech: noun human activity in spanish: actividad humana, pronunciation: hjumənæktɪvəti part of speech: noun

Act antonyms

refrain pronunciation: rɪfreɪn part of speech: verb, noun forbear pronunciation: fɔrbɪr part of speech: verb forebear pronunciation: fɔrber part of speech: noun
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