Adequacy in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdekuɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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adequacy = adecuación, idoneidad, conveniencia, lo adecuado. 

Example: A critical abstract normally comments the adequacy of experimentation and survey methodology.


» inadequacy = inadecuación, insuficiencia, incapacidad, falta, defecto, ineptitud.

Example: Inadequacies in the specific A/Z subject index entry made for a subject can also occur if the indexer bases his analysis solely on the class number for that subject.

Adequacy synonyms

sufficiency in spanish: suficiencia, pronunciation: səfɪʃənsi part of speech: noun adequateness in spanish: adecuación, pronunciation: ædəkwɔtnəs part of speech: noun

Adequacy antonyms

deficiency pronunciation: dɪfɪʃənsi part of speech: noun inadequacy pronunciation: ɪnædɪkwəsi part of speech: noun insufficiency pronunciation: ɪnsəfɪʃənsi part of speech: noun inadequateness pronunciation: ɪnædəkwɔtnəs part of speech: noun
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