Adherence in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdeɹ̩enθiɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

adherence1 = adherencia, sujeción, agarre. 

Example: It was decided to apply stamped cloth strips, produced by a commercial library bindery to the spines and to use a polyvinyl acetate for adherence.

adherence2 = adhesión, observancia, seguimiento. 

Example: Superior cataloguing may result, since more consistency and closer adherence to standard codes are likely to emerge with cataloguers who spend all of their time cataloguing, than with a librarian who tackles cataloguing as one of various professional tasks.

Adherence synonyms

bond in spanish: enlace, pronunciation: bɑnd part of speech: noun attachment in spanish: adjunto archivo, pronunciation: ətætʃmənt part of speech: noun adhesion in spanish: adhesión, pronunciation: ædhiʒən part of speech: noun adhesiveness in spanish: viscosidad, pronunciation: ædhizɪvnəs part of speech: noun
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